BMG’s portfolio of components for fluid power systems and general industrial applications, includes the full range of Danfoss Winner hydraulic braided and spiral hose and fittings, that meets stringent industry standards for pressure, temperature and abrasion resistance.

Danfoss Winner series has been designed for dependable operation and extended service life in heavy-duty equipment and various applications in general industry, mining, construction, forestry and agriculture.

“BMG’s Danfoss Winner braided and spiral hose and related fittings are perfectly matched hydraulic hoses and fittings, which ensure safe and reliable conveying of petroleum and water-based hydraulic fluids at high pressure, even in the most demanding environments,” says JP Steyn, Product Manager, Hoses and Fittings, BMG. “Apart from ensuring that all hoses are supplied with system-matched fittings, the BMG team stresses that extreme care must be taken in the correct installation methods and maintenance procedures. Hose assemblies can be highly dangerous if misapplied and if inadequate attention is given to the maintenance of hose and related equipment.”

According to BMG specialists, key factors to consider during correct hose installation include changes in hose length, the correct bend radius, protection of the hose from high temperature sources and the importance of elbows and adapters to relieve strain. It is also critical to prevent rubbing and abrasion of the hose, as well as twisting and improper hose movement.

Proper maintenance of hoses and related equipment is essential for safe and dependable operation, as well as extended service-life of the system. Important factors to consider include visual inspection of the hose before installation and if there is a cut or gouge in the cover that exposes the reinforcement, this hose should be discarded.

Hose should also be inspected for kinking or broken reinforcement and if the outside diameter of the hose is reduced by 20% at the spot where it is bent, this hose should not be used. Hoses must be stored in a dry place.

Inadequate attention to maintenance of the hose can result in hose leakage, bursting and other failures, which can cause serious injury or property damage.

Included in BMG’s Danfoss Winner range are 4S/6S spiral hose and hose fittings, designed for use in high pressure hydraulic systems used in mobile machinery and equipment.

This new series of spiral hose fittings incorporates major technological advancements in fitting design, that provides a high-performing spiral hose assembly for the most demanding applications. Notable features of Danfoss Winner fittings include the elimination of cool-down leakage, advanced metal fitting corrosion protection and a simple, user-friendly hose fitting assembly process.

Danfoss 4S/6S hose assemblies – which refer to the 4-spiral and 6-spiral wire reinforcement of the hose approved with respective 4S and 6S series fittings – exceeds stringent industry specifications.

Danfoss DURA-SEAL™ technology eliminates hose assembly cool-down leakage, thus reducing equipment downtime and extending life of the hose assembly. DURA-KOTE™ plating technology offers over 1 000 hours of corrosion protection on carbon steel fittings, which is three times the corrosion protection of most competitive hose fittings.

The MatchMate™ hose/fitting identification system helps the assembler of spiral hose and hose fittings to quickly and easily identify the correct hose and hose fitting to be crimped together. This system not only enhances reliability and safety of the product, but also reduces wastage from assembling the wrong hose and fitting.

Danfoss 4S/6S hose is designed for applications that include high pressure hydraulic systems, petroleum and water-based fluids, as well as construction and agriculture equipment. This range consists of a synthetic rubber tube and cover with 4 and 6-spiral wire reinforcement. An ink transfer layline in this series is standard allowing for easy identification of the hose type. Matching hose and hose ends reduce the chance of assembly error.

BMG’s comprehensive catalogue of hydraulics hoses and fittings includes an easy-to-follow reference fluid compatibility and resistance chart, technical information on BMG’s extensive range of hoses, fittings and adapters, as well as critical information on correct product selection, installation and safety guidelines.

Other products available from the company’s fluid technology division include industrial hose, hydraulic valves, accumulators, cylinders, heat exchangers, hydraulic motors and hydraulic plumbing, pumps and reservoir accessories.

BMG’s fluid technology services encompass project engineering and consulting, cylinder design and manufacture, hydraulic training, repair and testing and onsite container services.

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