Addressing the pains of poultry farming

Health disorders in poultry result in economic losses for all stakeholders. To promote production and prevent disease, poultry farmers are charged with developing good husbandry practices (optimal management) and implementing effective nutrition and disease control programs.

Dietary acidification is a commonly used nutritional strategy to optimize poultry production. Acidification can help manage microbial challenges and optimize nutritional efficiency through synergies with endogenous and exogenous enzymes.

Eastman offers several animal health solutions for poultry for issues such as wet litter and heat stress, impaired breast and footpad quality in broilers and turkeys, and decreased eggshell quality in laying hens and broiler breeders.

The Eastman Acitra range is comprised of organic acid blends that can be added to feed to optimize pH levels in the digestive system of poultry. Formic acid-based blends can have a positive impact on animal health, providing multiple benefits. Preventing microbial growth in the crop and the early gastrointestinal tra

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