SKF joins forces with CAKE to implement bearings with lowest possible carbon emissions

SKF has signed a letter of intent with CAKE to explore how it can incorporate bearings produced with the lowest possible carbon emissions.

SKF has signed a letter of intent with CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium, lightweight, electric motorcycles, to explore how it can incorporate bearings produced with the lowest possible carbon emissions.

CAKE and Vattenfall have committed to producing the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever by removing carbon emissions from every part of the electric CAKE Kalk OR bike’s value chain by 2025, without resorting to carbon offsetting. The goal of the initiative is to inspire the automotive industry to adopt fossil free production methods through innovative partnerships.

As a partner of the initiative, SKF will use their extensive expertise to explore how low-emission bearings can be implemented in key areas of the bike, such as the steering, wheels, frame, and e-motor. SKF experts will also work with CAKE to look at ways to further reduce emissions as part of the project.

David Johansson, President Automotive at SKF, said:

“SKF and CAKE share a common heritage and sustainability ambition. Our expertise as a market leading actor in the two-wheeler market, coupled with our knowledge and experience in producing bearings with minimal environmental impact, means that we can make a tangible contribution towards realizing CAKE and Vattenfall’s vision of a clean dirt bike. We are proud to join like-minded industry colleagues who share the determination that change is urgently needed for a sustainable future. Leveraging our combined expertise, we can trigger and accelerate the creation of products that contributes to this industry transformation.”

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO of CAKE, said:

“When Vattenfall and CAKE embarked on this journey, we knew that we were facing a challenge and were determined to build the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever – from the materials used in its production to its emissions. Down the road, we have inspired industry giants to come along with us and push their limits when it comes to decarbonization of production, making an impact lasting beyond the dirt bike. This is what the project is about – creating a fossil free mindset in every part of the production phase – and that is why we are happy to announce that SKF, one of the world’s largest and most advanced bearing manufacturers, is now joining in.”

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