Atlas Copco Power Technique: Pioneering efficient and sustainable solutions for Southern Africa’s mining sector

Within the dynamic landscape of Southern Africa’s mining sector, Atlas Copco Power Technique stands out as a reliable partner, navigating the challenges and opportunities with unwavering commitment and innovative portable power (generators), air (compressors) light (light towers) and flow (pumps) solutions, underpinned by expert after-market services. 

The region’s surface and underground mining operations are encumbered by tough global conditions and logistical hurdles that are adding further pressures on South Africa’s already fragile economy. Mines in South Africa also have the added headache of having to balance the costs of countering unpredictable power supply while sustaining efficient operations, all within the parameters of environmental compliance.

David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique Business Line Manager for Portable Products, points out that these challenges are most certainly not unique to the mining sector and are for the most part common to all industry. “Product reliability and efficiency have become the cornerstones to business success to an even greater extent in a post-Covid world. It is against this backdrop that we remain focused on our ability to adapt to our customers’ dynamic and changing needs, offering the most optimum solutions.”

Grounded in a corporate ethos that prioritises customer sustainability, operational efficiencies and environmental compliance, Power Technique’s continuous investment in product innovations and cutting-edge technologies has propelled the addition of mobile hybrid, electric, solar and energy storage (battery) solutions to the company’s traditional diesel and petrol driven machines and equipment.

This evolution, over the past eight years to eco-products, without a drop in performance, underscores Power Technique’s proactive response to the urgent need for efficiencies and environmental stewardship within the industry and marks a significant stride in the company’s commitment to driving more sustainable practices, reducing carbon emissions and supporting the global decarbonisation drive. “Our electric mobile compressors, solar LED light towers and battery storage systems enable us to offer a reliable, sustainable and efficient value chain that perfectly aligns with our customers’ needs. It also makes our mobile product solutions, which are tried, tested and proven in the construction industry, equally suited to several other sectors including mining and oil & gas,” asserts Stanford. 

“Through these greener alternatives, we are able to provide the mining space, which is currently our biggest segment focus, with the tools needed to operate more efficiently and with a reduced carbon footprint and leads the industry toward a more sustainable future.”

Power Technique’s mobile product solutions cater to essentially all types of mining activities across both surface and underground operations. Whether its generators to address unpredictable power supply, air compressors to support contractor drilling for blasting, light towers to illuminate pits to enable night work, or pumps for dewatering applications, the company’s mobile solutions are perfectly suited to meet the demands of diverse mining environments.

“Our digital offerings, like PACE (Pressure Adjusted Cognitive Electronics) and FleetLink connectivity, also play a pivotal role in adding further value,” notes Stanford. “Providing real-time data on unit operation, fuel consumption and other critical insights into product usage, these digital tools not only empower our customers to make informed decisions but also enable us to tailor solutions that meet their needs.”

The company’s commitment to after-market support, including proactive maintenance, refurbishment and OEM parts availability, underscores the importance of maintaining high performance and reliability throughout equipment service life, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to a lower total cost of ownership – key factors, especially when it comes to the sustainable operation of mining activities.

The refurbishment process, conducted at Atlas Copco’s Jet Park head office in Johannesburg, breathes new life into equipment in line with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. Compared to new product expenditure, the benefits associated with refurbishment, including cost savings, elimination of raw material usage, reduced CO², etc. underpin the principles of the circular economy.

Power Technique has a wide portable pump portfolio to meet dewatering and other applications required on a mine or plant site. Stanford mentions that Atlas Copco has made a significant investment in the global flow space through the strategic acquisitions of three pump companies, two in Europe and Sykes in Australia, demonstrating a solid commitment to expanding its presence in the pump market.

Power Technique’s focus is on offering products that provide significant value and demonstrate tangible benefits to customers. “As technology continues to evolve rapidly, we encourage robust engagement with our customers, guiding them through the array of available options and offering expert advice,” asserts Stanford. “We help customers to navigate toward solutions that will optimise their sustainability, reliability and operational efficiencies. Well-informed customers are empowered to make good decisions that align with their operational requirements and future strategies.” By continuously expanding its portable product portfolio, embracing new technologies and engaging in open dialogues with customers, Atlas Copco Power Technique is a trusted partner at the forefront of driving efficiency, sustainability and operational optimisation for mining, construction, oil & gas and general industry sectors.                            

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