When it comes to choosing the best earthmoving equipment, decisions can be tough

Transporting materials around a rough terrain mining or construction site can be challenging, time-consuming and often dangerous, without the correct equipment to do the job.

The Doosan team recommends to customers looking for dependable earthmoving equipment, that they only consider top-quality, high-performance machines that are supported by a reputable supplier.

“The Doosan team has established a sound reputation for the supply and support of a wide range of excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), and attachments that perfectly suits requirements in all conditions, including tough mining terrain,” explains Darrel Holton, managing director, DISA Equipment. “A critical part of our service is providing sound technical advice when it comes to equipment selection. Two most important types of earthmoving machines used in the mining sector are ADT’s and excavators – let’s take a look at why this is so.

“Firstly, Doosan DA45 articulated dump trucks have a rigid frame that does not twist, which causes the truck to become unstable when carrying a heavy load in arduous, uneven conditions. Our robust machines are easy to manoeuvre around busy mining and construction sites and can turn safely in restricted areas.

“Recently-launched Doosan DA530LCA-7m excavators are designed for reliable operation, high productivity and efficient operating costs. We are impressed by the engine power, stability on site and low maintenance requirements of these machines.

“A notable feature of our new equipment is environmentally-friendly Tier 4 technology, with lower emissions.

“It’s important to now focus on each series and highlight the features and benefits of these hard-working machines.”

DA45 articulated dump trucks have been designed to offer operators greater comfort and improved safety during long work days, as they transport heavy loads over uneven, muddy terrain.

These machines have a standard active payload measuring system that protects against overloading and users have the assurance of a safe weight distribution for extreme performance and effective traction in challenging off-road conditions. Doosan’s front-mounted turning ring, sloping rear frame and free-swinging rear tandem bogie, ensure permanent 6-wheel ground contact, while the limited slip differential delivers high torque to the wheel, ensuring the best traction.

Features for improved cab comfort include fully automatic climate control, an air suspension seat, precise steering, ergonomic controls, clear visibility and low noise levels.

Ground level service and maintenance points that are easily accessible, make daily service checks and maintenance procedures more convenient and also prevent contamination to the surrounding environment.

These compact machines are easy to transport from site to site.

Doosan DA530LCA-7m crawler excavators have been designed for higher efficiency, greater productivity and enhanced digging capabilities than previous models. Notable features include the high-pressure common rail fuel injected engine and an electronic power optimising system (EPOS) for increased torque, faster cycle times and efficient fuel consumption.

The EPOS system ensures economy and smoothness of operation, by providing a synchronised communication link between the engine’s electronic control unit and the hydraulic system, to ensure power is delivered exactly as required. Two-way auxiliary hydraulics can now be controlled via joystick switches, or a new optional foot pedal control.

For greater operator comfort, this machine boasts a roomy cab, clear controls, excellent visibility, air-conditioning and an adjustable suspension seat.

Durable materials and extensive onsite testing ensure extended service life of these machines. The D-profile frame and x-chassis add strength, while the arm assembly is reinforced for longer life. The bucket pivot pin features a polymer shim to reduce wear and increase grease retention.

What’s useful for operators are longer maintenance intervals – high performance oil filters have extended oil change intervals to 500 hours. Key maintenance areas are easy to access and grease points are centralised for quick and easy maintenance. Doosan Connect Telematics enable users to monitor equipment to manage maintenance requirements and reduce operating costs.

To sum it up

Doosan, which has been manufacturing heavy earthmoving equipment for nearly 45 years, embraces the latest technology to manufacture robust machines, with advanced features for high productivity, efficient running costs, reduced downtime and safety on site.

The use of durable, high-performance materials, combined with advanced computer assisted design techniques, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), improves design features of every new series. All materials and components are tested under the most extreme conditions.

Operator safety, precise control and comfort are key to product advancement. The re-design of ergonomics has improved all-round visibility for increased safety during operation and has also enhanced comfort for the operator, minimising fatigue.

Doosan earthmoving equipment maintains its strong position in a highly competitive sector, through an enviable reputation for environmentally-friendly, fuel efficient engines, a robust chassis structure, quality components and advanced features for easy serviceability that reduce downtime.

The Doosan team offers its extensive customer base a technical advisory, repair, maintenance and spare parts service, through a national network of branches and carefully selected distributors.

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