Nonwoven fabrics for wipes have been developed for safe use in many sectors

Fibertex high-performance nonwoven materials used in the manufacture of wipes, are developed for safe use in diverse applications, including food service, medical attention, patient care and general cleaning.

“Fibertex specialists work closely with customers globally, to produce customised materials for advanced wipes that ensure dependable and cost-efficient cleaning solutions for specific requirements, including critical cleaning,” explains Rosa Naidoo, Key Account Manager, Fibertex South Africa, part of the global Fibertex group. “By combining advanced technologies and pristine hygiene manufacturing protocols, Fibertex enhances the quality, performance and appearance of every product.”

Fibertex uses advanced needlepunch and spunlace technologies to manufacture nonwoven fabrics that are used in the production of different cleaning products – for example, disinfecting wipes, household floor wipes, pet wet wipes and cosmetic wipes, as well as medical compresses and wash gloves. These products, which can be used wet or dry, are impregnated with carefully selected components for specific purposes, like polishing, cleaning, personal care and for the removal of bacteria. Fibertex nonwovens are manufactured with consistent weight and thickness, and are soft in texture, with excellent resistance and high absorbency.

Fibertex spunlace nonwovens for wipes are available from 30 to 120 gsm, in different materials, including polyester, viscose, polypropylene (PP) and polylactic acid (PLA). Fabrics are available in plain, apertured, embossed, white or coloured.

Fibertex needlepunch fabrics are available in polyester, viscose and PP, from 60 to 650 gsm.

Wipes for household and All Purpose Cleaning (APC) applications, are manufactured from spunlace nonwovens, which are available from 40 to 50 gsm, in different materials, including polyester, viscose, PP and PLA. Fabrics are available in plain, apertured, embossed, white or coloured.

Aperture or embossed spunlace or needlepunch nonwovens for floor wipes are available from Fibertex between 70 and 100 gsm, in VIS/PET materials. Spunlace materials for wipes – available with apertures from low to high mesh – offer high-strength, superior performance and excellent liquid absorbency.

Fibertex materials for cosmetic wipes are available in plain, aprtured or embossed spunlace, or needlepunch nonwovens, between 40 and 100 gsm. Spunlace materials for cosmetic wipes can also have one exfoliating side and one smooth side.

Wipes used for dry cleaning are manufactured from Fibertex needlepunch nonwovens and white and coloured spunlace materials, available from 40 to 80 gsm. These materials are available in several apertured patterns and in five standard colours – white, blue, red, green and yellow. Customised colours are produced on request.

Fibertex spunlace materials, which offer excellent dry and wet strength in both directions, are washable for safe re-use. The substrate can be soft or stiff in texture, depending on specific requirements. Needlepunch nonwovens ensure a high capacity for the collection of fluids, debris and other substances.

Spunlace materials, from 40 to 60 gsm, are recommended for the manufacture of disinfecting wipes. Fibertex utilises a specific PET fibre blend, to ensure high absorption of the disinfecting lotion. The success of these wipes is in the efficient release of lotion on the surface when used. For premium disinfecting wipes, Fibertex offers an isotropic material, with excellent resistance in both directions.

Fibertex skin-safe spunlace and needlepunch materials are manufactured especially for medical compresses, according to pristine hygiene, quality, safety and environmental specifications. Spunlace materials are used for compresses, dressing and plasters, while needlepunch nonwovens (between 80 and 170 gsm) are suitable for bandages and absorbent pads.

Fibertex also manufactures needlepunch and spunlace materials for wash gloves. These materials, which are available between 50 and 100 gsm, are suitable for various production processes, including sewing, glueing, ultra-sonic and welding.

A variety of embossed patterns in spunlace and a specific fibre blend, are designed especially for the ultra-sonic welding process, without compromising the efficiency of liquid absorbency. Spunlace materials have strong sealing qualities, which allow gloves to be washed in a machine for re-use, without causing damage to the fabric.

Fibertex also offers the finest solutions in acoustics, automotive, building, composites, concrete, filtration, furniture and geotextiles.

The local operation, with its head office in Kwazulu-Natal, benefits from support from the holding company in Denmark to guarantee the edge on product design, impeccable manufacturing standards and cost-efficiency. Global collaboration enhances the performance, safety and reliability of every Fibertex material.

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