Subsoil Drainage

Locally manufactured Fibertex Universal DIY materials provide sustainable solutions to multiple drainage, filtration, separation and containment issues in gardens, driveways, patios and ponds.

According to Fibertex specialists, this environmentally friendly material has been designed to minimise maintenance, reduce weeds and avoid the need to use chemicals.

Fibertex Universal performs excellently as a separation geotextile between sand and stone to prevent intermixing of layers; as a separation material for root control and as a stabilisation fabric for under-paving to prevent sagging and rutting. Fibertex Universal also acts as a filtration layer to allow water to pass through the fabric and retain soil fines. In addition, it can also be used behind retaining walls to prevent loss of the retained soil through the facing. This versatile material also acts as a separation and filtration layer in subsoil drainage systems.

“Fibertex SA – part of the global Fibertex group – manufactures high-performance quality nonwoven materials, using advanced technologies and the finest raw materials. Our innovative products are used to create clever, efficient and eco-friendly solutions, that improve the quality of life for everyone, all over the world,” says Sefton Fripp, Commercial Executive, Fibertex South Africa, specialists in nonwovens and performance-based materials for use in diverse industries. “Fibertex products for gardens, homes and commercial properties, have been carefully designed to minimise maintenance, avoid the use of chemicals and keep the garden, terrace and driveway beautiful for many years.”

Fibertex home and garden products are easy to install and can be cut to the required dimensions simply by using scissors. Fibertex Universal rolls are available from leading DIY and hardware stores throughout the country, in both 1 m x 10 m and 1.3 m x 10 m sizes.

The local Fibertex team supports the diverse product range with a technical advisory service throughout the African continent.

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