BLT WORLD’s MDS static and mobile trommels and apron feeders, – which are able to screen rocks as large as 1,5 m – have been designed for compatibility with other surface equipment in the mining sector, including crushers, feeders, recycling plants and other trommels, to provide maximum productivity and minimise downtime.

“These trommels have been well received by the global mining sector because they have been designed with the versatility to handle more than one task – a critical factor in the selection of capital equipment,” says Ken Mouritzen, managing director, BLT WORLD. “MDS trommels are manufactured with large size drums and can accommodate up to three different screen sizes, to facilitate the separation of rocks into four different sizes. These customised systems have important features for high efficiency, including remote controlled use, modular drums, drum cleaners and electronic systems to accurately monito and control operation.

“MDS trommels provide an advantage in screening, as they can efficiently handle large rocks and are also effective in cleaning clay bound rock and rocks mixed with limestone and other tricky materials, in preparation for crushing. MDS machines are also used to clean overburden and blasted rocks and are perfect for producing rip rap material in quarries.

“Where many conventional machines fail in wet, harsh mining conditions, these trommels which are fitted with drum cleaners, are designed to clean rocks and prevent sticky material jams, in all weather conditions, preventing downtime and ensuring optimum productivity. MDS trommels, which are manufactured from high tensile steel, are also suitable for processing abrasive materials like granite.

“Our customers in the mining sector, have shown a particular interest in MDS M515 all-terrain track trommels, which handle rocks up to 800 mm in size and efficiently separate difficult and sticky materials, like mud and clay. This robust series, with a 30 T hopper capacity, is able to produce three products concurrently, at an output of over 400 Tons per hour.”

MDS M515 3 split mobile track trommels have an advanced cleaning mechanism that keeps the drum apertures unblocked. These machines are supplied with fold-out stockpiling conveyors and are able to move around a mine and from one site to another.

Technical features include a fines conveyor, an oversize conveyor (maximum rock size of 800 mm) and a mid-product conveyor (maximum rock size of 460 mm). In addition, these machines, which are powered by a diesel engine, have a heavy-duty drum with interchangeable screens and a hydraulic push feeder.

Other surface equipment in BLT WORLD’s MDS range include M615 static trommels that are designed for removing soils and fines from rip rap or blasted rock. These machines have an output capacity between 350 and 500 Tons per hour. The M820 unit is a large, heavy duty rock trommel, capable of screening rock up to 1 m in size, at approximately 750 Tons per hour. This modular machine is available with three or four splits and is suitable for cleaning dirty rock or for screening blasted material.

The static M825 machine, which handles rocks up to 1,5 m in size, is perfect as a primary screener for material direct from a blast. The hopper, with 100 Ton capacity, can be loaded by dump trucks, with an output of 1 250 T per hour. These units are also available with hydraulic rock breakers.

Also in the MDS range are trommels designed for light recycling materials, including compost and wood bark.

MDS trommels can be designed and manufactured to exact specifications and vary in terms of dimensions of the trommel width, diameter and aperture of holes. The size of fines removed by the trommel screen is predetermined by the holes in the trommel drum and varies depending on the operation, waste stream, volume of material and product specifications.

BLT WORLD’s MDS apron feeders, with electric or hydraulic drives, are available as standard units for quarries, aggregates or recycling applications and as heavy-duty machines for mining, ore and coal environments.

MDS trommel screens and apron feeders, which are also available from BLT WORLD on a fully serviced rental basis, are supported by a technical advisory, supply and repair service throughout Africa.

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