Keep the job site lights on and improve productivity and safety with Atlas Copco’s after-market solutions

Atlas Copco Power Technique complements its superior quality, reliable and efficient portable LED, metal halide, electric and battery-driven light tower range with an outstanding after-market service solution.

The construction industry is faced with several challenges, from potential fines if deadlines are not met and keeping operational costs as low as possible to optimising worker safety and adhering to ever-stringent environmental regulations. To address these challenges, operators demand reliable and efficient performance from their machines and equipment.

Lighting plants are essential on most job sites, providing reliable and superior lighting and helping to extend working hours by ensuring that work can continue unhampered in a safe working environment after sunset or at pre-dawn.

“We have specially developed an after-market service to meet the needs of customers / operators and assist them to protect their investment and get the best out of their lighting plants,” notes Power Technique Service Division Manager, Douw van Schalkwyk. “Regular servicing at the correct intervals by skilled, factory-trained technicians using premium genuine parts will optimise the performance, reliability and efficiency of lighting plants and extend the units’ life cycle too. What this ultimately means for the customer / operator is across-the board cost and time savings for low total cost of ownership.”

Atlas Copco’s after-market solutions for light towers are focussed on two primary areas: Genuine parts and service. Using genuine parts ensures that Atlas Copco’s light towers are maintained to factory specifications, thereby improving reliability and minimising operating costs. Atlas Copco offers the following under genuine parts:

Atlas Copco Kits comprise sets of spare parts for the most common repairs and maintenance operations, all neatly packaged in one box.
Metal halide bulbs (they consume less energy and offer predictable power)
Paroil Engine Oils formulated, approved and recommend by Atlas Copco’s engine suppliers. Atlas Copco oils guarantee that the engines in construction machinery will continue to run smoothly between service intervals
Atlas Copco Parcool coolants are designed to meet the requirements of modern engines. With improved cooling capacity one of the leading features, these coolants guarantee enhanced protection for extended component life-time
Engine programmes offer a second life to engines that have reached end-of-life
Atlas Copco lead acid batteries are developed to perform and last under extreme conditions and require minimum maintenance
Atlas Copco’s service solutions include Inspection and Service Plans, Overhauls and Upgrades. Inspection Plans involve an equipment audit that generates a detailed report on the equipment status as well as a checklist with recommendations that will facilitate future repair plans.

“Our Service Plans cover preventative maintenance and repairs carried out by our team of highly-trained technicians,” continues Van Schalkwyk. Completing the service offering are Atlas Copco Overhauls (giving the vital ‘organs’ of machines a second life by re-establishing the high quality and reliable standards of a new machine) and Atlas Copco Upgrades (advanced technical solutions).

Van Schalkwyk concludes, “By allowing us to focus on the service, maintenance and repair of light towers, which is our area of experience and expertise, operators are able to focus on their core business, leading to improve uptime and productivity, and ultimately profitability.”

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