Eco friendly transformers offer new standards for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

Legrand keeps abreast with constantly changing global demand in electrical and digital building infrastructures through the ongoing development of new products and systems that encompass the latest technology and advanced materials.

The company has developed a new range of environmentally-friendly cast resin transformers – the Legrand 50 Hz GreenT series – that leads the way in reliability, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility during energy distribution.

Legrand GreenT cast resin transformers – which efficiently transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems, at the same frequency – have significant advantages over other units on the market. Benefits include a reduction in energy consumption, minimal energy waste and improved safety, as well as lower CO2 emissions and greater economic savings.

GreenT cast resin transformers comply with stringent quality, safety and environmental specifications, including the IEC 60076-11:2018 standard. This classification is based on no-load loss (P0) and load loss (Pk) with an average reduction in losses of 15% compared with previous Legrand ranges. The average load factor for this range is considered 30% for continuous use.

In fact, these eco-friendly transformers have a partial discharge value <5 pC that is significantly lower than 10 pC, which is the maximum value indicated by the product Standard IEC 60076-11:2018. This translates to higher efficiencies, greater resistance to work stresses and extended service life of the system.

The 60076-11:2018 standard also endorses these transformers for safe usage, storage and transportation in extreme environmental conditions. GreenT transformers, which incorporate the use of high-quality epoxy resins, comply with environmental class E3, climate class C2 and fire behaviour class F1 categories. These units operate safely at ambient room temperature between -25 and +40°C and can withstand a maximum relative humidity level of 95%

Standard configuration GreenT transformers offer seismic resistance up to 0.2g, with the ability to be fixed to the ground to prevent overturning.

GreenT transformers incorporate advanced materials and the latest technologies in the design to guarantee high-performance, easy installation and low maintenance requirements. Notable features of the magnetic core include HV (high voltage) and LV (low voltage) terminals, that have been modified to facilitate easy connection. The height of the LV terminals has been reduced for easier positioning of the connections for installers, while HV windings have BIL LIST 2 reinforced insulation in critical points of the unit for enhanced safety.

Legrand offers customised solutions based on specific requirements. As such, GreenT transformers are available with the enclosure either mounted or dismantled, to be assembled on site. There are nine enclosure sizes in this range, with the selection of two types of ventilation grill for each.

Typical installations for GreenT transformers include data centres, shopping malls, hospitals and residential buildings. CRTs are also suitable for photovoltaic (PV) installations and wind power, as well as offshore applications, the railways, shipping and airport facilities.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the operational life of the transformer, allowing for easy recycling or disposal of all materials.

The synergy of products from Legrand group companies facilitates seamless integration between power distribution systems, to provide the guarantee of a certified distribution system.

Legrand EdM cast resin transformers, Zucchini busbar trunking systems and XL³ cabinets, are manufactured according to stringent quality, environmental and safety specifications. Each component in the system ensures simplified and safe installation, with the versatility for any type of power application, in any environment.

Legrand’s specialist services include enclosure building up to IP31, power factor monitoring and thermal imaging.

The company, with Final Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) capabilities, also offers complete installation and commissioning services, as well as service level agreements.

Legrand’s commitment to the highest standards is highlighted by the recent qualification of its test lab “IB03” by ACAE, to work in accordance with the IEC EN 17025 standard on all routine tests and on some tests for medium-voltage transformers. This acknowledgement and qualification is an important milestone for the company, shared with only a limited number of companies around the world being able to offer this service. All Legrand transformers are individually tested before being delivered to the customer.

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