BMG’s durable scraper chains safely remove waste materials from beneath boilers and burners

BMG’s Power Transmission division supplies a wide range of conveyor chain that ensures efficient and trouble-free transport of slag granulates, ash or smelting residues from beneath boilers, burners and furnaces.

According to BMG specialists, conveying dry or wet ash is one the most challenging applications a chain can be subjected to. “Conventional chains installed in these harsh facilities normally only function effectively for about a year – due to abrasion and the varying temperatures of ash,” explains Gavin Kirstein, BMG’s Business Unit Manager, Power Transmission division. “However, BMG’s range of high-performance ash conveyor chain – which undergoes an immaculate manufacturing process – ensures extended service life, even in harsh conditions. Special attention is given to dimensional accuracy, constant geometry, high surface quality and lubrication.

“Ash removal systems play a key role in the boiler and burner industry by safely removing waste materials from boilers and burners. BMG specialists work closely with each customer to install the most suitable conveying method, in terms of reliability, simplicity and efficiency. Regardless of whether dry or wet ash removal is used, BMG’s focus is primarily on harmonising the processes, from collecting, extinguishing and cooling down ash, to safe storage in the ash bunker.

“Customisation of ash removal chain is paramount to achieving optimum efficiency of the conveyor chain for every application. The flexibility of BMG’s service includes the manufacture of chain to suit exact requirements, with various options, including materials, custom coatings, lubrication and accessories – to create the ideal chain that boosts productivity and minimises abrasion.”

BMG’s range of robust chain conveyors is optimally tailored to suit the material which needs to be conveyed. Optimum chain quality and reliability of every system are vital to ensuring profitability, high productivity and extended serviced life.

BMG’s robust ash removal chain is enhanced by wide range of sprockets available in varying grades of steel and other metals, with heat treatment as standard or as an option. The company also offers split sprockets for ease of disassembly and optional lightening holes to reduce weight. Additional hardening is available for the roller outer diameter surface, the roller inner diameter and the bush outer diameter surfaces to reduce wear and increase lifetime of the system.

Furthermore, pin materials are available to eradicate pitting caused by corrosion. This ensures even wear of chains, avoiding the debilitating effects of uneven wear on conveyor efficiency.

BMG’s technical support service includes the analysis of chains when replacement is required, which involves metrics on chain wear life that further optimises the conveying process. Through reliable maintenance support, BMG ensures high efficiency and extended service life of every conveyor system.

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