Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s Industrial Air team is equipped to meet industry’s growing appetite for green, efficient compressed air solutions

The global drive by industry towards greener, more efficient product solutions addresses two very important mandates namely optimised operations to remain profitable and environmental compliance to combat climate change.

Atlas Copco is globally renowned for pioneering and developing cutting-edge technologies which are incorporated into its products. “Optimal efficiency, energy savings and lowering the carbon footprint are at the heart of our R&D,” says Zandra van der Westhuizen, BLM for the Industrial Air Division. “The advantages and added values of these innovative technologies manifest in our sustainable solutions, making us, as the Home of Industrial Ideas, one of the most attractive industrial segments in the market.”

“Our premier range of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressors with an up to 50% energy saving, our energy recovery systems and state-of-the-art control systems are just a few examples of our extensive efficiency portfolio.  “We also design for the lowest SER (specific energy recovery) on our fixed speed screw range of compressors. Proof that our range of industrial air compressors is ticking all the efficiency and sustainability boxes reflects in the growth of the Industrial Air Division seen across several market sectors.”

Zandra points out that the sustainability of this growth hinges on a wide range of top quality, reliable and efficient products supported by a highly skilled team who delivers a solid customer service. “Every customer wants the right product solution fast. The same goes for service and repairs. The reason is simple – every production stoppage erodes the bottom line.”

This calls for highly skilled resources and here Zandra and her Industrial Air team bring their A-game. From Lynette Thompson who has been with the organisation for 40 years to the newest member, intern Thristan Pillay, the team brings experience combined with fresh ideas. More than half of the team has over ten 10 years’ experience – Dean Adriaanse (28 years), Zandra (19 years), Jennifer Joseph (15 years), Dean Erasmus (14 years) and Natlee Bennie (8 years). Dean Erasmus, who joined the team in January this year, brings 14 years of compressor experience.”

“Our motto is ‘we employ for attitude and train for excellence’ and we never stop learning,” enthuses Zandra. “Having the necessary skills, product and technical knowledge is essential in ensuring that we are equipped with all the necessary know-how to be able to offer customers the very best solutions.”

Once the air compressor is installed, Compressor Technique’s dedicated Service Division, CTS, steps in, supplying spare parts kits, aluminium piping, maintenance plans and aftermarket support via the Jet Park, Johannesburg head office, Atlas Copco’s countrywide branches and qualified dealer network.

Compressor Technique’s 15 local and 5 regional dealers support the Industrial Air Division’s regional team – Lynette who is responsible for Gauteng /Free State and Natlee Bennie and Dean Erasmus who respectively oversee Limpopo/Northwest/Mpumalanga and the Western/Northern/Eastern Cape regions. “Growing and developing our dealer network is a very important drive for us to make sure we cover our vast territory and grow our market share. Our dealers are an important extension of our team,” asserts Zandra.

The Industrial Air Division supplies an end-to-end compressed air system, complete with filters as well as products for storing compressed air. The compressor line up comprises oil-lubricated, oil-injected and oil-free compressors that deliver a reliable source of compressed air required by pneumatic cylinders and air tools used a host of applications such as sand-blasting, spray-painting, tire inflation, etc. The oil-lubricated and oil-injected compressors include direct- and belt-driven piston, fixed and variable speed and rotary-screw up to 90kW (600Cfm) as well as the GA110VSD+ Unit. The oil-free piston and screw compressors are available up to 22kW (40Cfm). The comprehensive portfolio also includes nitrogen and oxygen generators. Requiring only a supply of dry compressed air, these units seamlessly, efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively produce nitrogen and oxygen on-site.

Atlas Copco’s quality air equipment serves to purify/filter impurities which can harm customer’s equipment and processes. The range includes after-coolers, refrigeration and desiccant dryers (water) as well as inline filters (oil and dust particles).

The Industrial Air Division also supplies air receivers, pressure tanks and storage vessels for compressed air storage helping to reduce ‘wear and tear’ on the compressors. Completing the Industrial Air Division’s portfolio are speciality products that include railway, hydraulic-powered and marine compressor ranges.

Zandra cites global supply chain issues and load shedding as some of the challenges that impact the business, especially the SME sector. “Forward-planning and forward-thinking have simply become a routine part of our day-to-day business and strategies. Proactivity and remaining two steps ahead at all times ensure both our and our customers’ business sustainability.  We make sure that we keep smart stock and that we remain consistent in our campaigns. We are confident in our brand promise of delivering energy savings and low carbon footprints and that, in a nut shell, is sustainable productivity!”

In closing Zandra says that going forward, ‘green applications’ are the biggest opportunities for the Industrial Air team. “There is definitely a growing appetite for highly efficient products!”                

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