Atlas Copco Power Technique and Integrated Pump Rentals partnership pumps up the rental business!

A business agreement signed by Atlas Copco Power Technique and Integrated Pump Rentals (IPR) serves to improve and expand product offerings, provide green solutions and open up new markets, subsequently promoting excellent business growth for both partners across the African continent. 

In terms of the agreement, Power Technique will offer a complete diesel and submersible pump range which will be added to the IPR rental fleet. IPR will be Master Pump dealer for Power Technique in South and Sub-Saharan Africa as well as in territories further north.

Atlas Copco has been successfully supplying Southern African industry with a wide range of superior quality, high performance and reliable submersible and surface dewatering pumps for many years. IPR is a market leader in the pump rental space backed by a specialist team that offers a full dewatering pump rental service across all industries in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Business Line Manager – Portable Products, the timing of this partnership could not have been better. “Both parties were keen to join forces. IPR was looking for a new brand to go forward; so we are able to add value by bringing our brand to the table while IPR adds value by making our pumps available as a rental option. The synergies and mutual advantages shared by this new partnership simply made this a no-brainer win-win for Atlas Copco and IPR.”

Further weighing in on the advantages of this partnership, Sarel Bekker, Business Development Manager at Power Technique, says: “Rental customers rightly demand good service and quality products and this agreement with our new business partner enables us to deliver on both.  Our customers now have the option to rent or to purchase. Moreover, having a rental fleet will help to promote our sales as the product can prove itself to the customer during the rental period.”

In addition to providing Power Technique with access to a large existing customer base in the short term, Bekker believes that their association with IPR will also serve to secure more long-term contracts and projects over the medium term. “We look forward to gaining a larger footprint for our range of pumps across the continent which aligns with ourbusiness goalof becoming one of the largest pump players in the industry, providing customers with complete, integrated dewatering solutions.”

Both Atlas Copco and IPR warehouses based in Jet Park, Johannesburg, will hold sufficient stock to ensure a continuous supply to customers. The IPR facility also houses a complete workshop where all rental pump service and repair requirements will be carried out by skilled technicians.

The Atlas Copco team shared theory and practical training on their submersible and surface pumps during a highly productive four-day training session at IPR’s premises during February. Bekker reports that the training was extremely successful and well-received and that they also conducted a few customer visits. Bekker concludes: “We are extremely excited and confident about our future in the rental pump space. Owing to our partnership with IPR, customers can now look forward to an even wider pump rental offering, backed by top level service and after-sales, ensuring maximum uptime and sustainable productivity.”

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