A structured maintenance programme goes a long way to optimising productivity, enhancing equipment reliability and extending service life of components

BMG – leading engineering solutions specialists – provides engineering components and support services to all sectors, to ensure high productivity, reduced energy consumption, minimal downtime and long service life of systems.

“BMG is a complete process solutions provider to all sectors of industry, which means companies can access all essential quality branded products and essential support services from one reliable supplier. This integrated approach guarantees lower production costs and higher efficiencies,” explains Carlo Beukes, Group Sales Development Manager, BMG. “We believe the introduction of a structured maintenance management programme, which can be implemented in-house, or partially outsourced to a professional organisation, is critical to maximising production efficiencies in all industries.

“The BMG team is committed to ensuring each plant maintains full production, by providing a 24-hour customer process support for production efficiency and reliability centred maintenance.

“Maintenance of machinery can be a very expensive exercise, not only in terms of the cost of spare parts and labour, but also lost production due to machinery breakdowns or plant stoppages for unscheduled maintenance. Careful consideration therefore needs to be given to disciplined inspections and planned maintenance of all items of plant and production machinery. Over-maintenance can be almost as costly in terms of lost production as under maintenance, so a careful balance is critical.

“Care in the initial design and manufacture stage of the plant, the selection of compatible quality branded mating components, professional installation – with particular attention to meticulous alignment of coupled components – ensure reduced downtime, lower maintenance requirements and therefore lower operating costs.

“Servicing of all sections of machinery in the factory should be carefully planned on the basis of the estimated time for each procedure or service, in order to create a controlled work-load for the maintenance staff. Even small faults in design, operation and maintenance, can have a negative impact on productivity and safety.

“BMG’s proactive maintenance service – which encompasses predictive maintenance services, including condition monitoring and oil analysis – is enhanced by advanced technical and design support across all functional disciplines. BMG’s maintenance and support services also include mobile breakdown, repair and maintenance support, that ensure production plants are up and running as quickly as possible following a breakdown.”

To achieve optimum performance and extended life of components like bearings, mill gear lubrication and industrial chain, correct lubrication is as important as the appropriate selection of each part.

Although a general multipurpose grease or oil is adequate in many applications, more arduous operating conditions demand the careful choice of the correct lubricant and lubrication system. In selecting the right lubrication system and lubricant for a specific application, factors to be considered are speed, ambient temperature, load, vibration and environmental conditions.

The effects of friction and the resulting wear of moving components are significantly reduced by effective lubrication. Through a wide range of energy efficient products – which includes synthetic oils, lubricants and bespoke lubrication systems – and the support of a technically competent team, BMG ensures efficient maintenance, extended service life of components and energy savings, in any environment.”

BMG’s specialist technical division offers an oil analysis service which consists of laboratory-based sampling and analysis, as well as on site analysis and filtration and flushing. Other services include technical applications consulting, product and system design, product quality control and assurance, as well as condition monitoring services.

Conditioning monitoring identifies lubrication problems, misalignment and vibration troubles and also helps in identifying the causes of the damage, so that units can be fixed before further destruction occurs. This means reduced downtime, efficient production and substantial cost savings.

The BMG team is committed to improving operational efficiencies for customers in all industries, by providing essential filtration, separation and purification technologies.

BMG’s distribution centre in Droste Park, Johannesburg, is operational and fully stocked at all times, to support customers around the country and into Africa. A comprehensive range of equipment and components comprises bearings, seals and gaskets; power transmission; hydraulics and pneumatics; fluid technology and filtration; drives, motors and controllers; materials handling; fasteners and tools.

The BMG team works closely with customers in all sectors, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, mining, the food and beverage sector and petrochemical plants. BMG also supplies and supports service providers to power generation and pharmaceutical plants, as well as ports, rail and road facilities.

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