High efficiency of conveyors ensures cost savings in many industries

Bulk materials handling specialists, BLT WORLD, has been appointed as distributors for Convir stockpiling equipment in southern and central Africa.

The Convir range, which includes telescopic conveyors, stackers and other bulk handling equipment, has been designed for high efficiency in ports and terminals, mines and quarries, recycling, wood and paper, as well as agriculture and general industry.

“The BLT WORLD and Convir teams work closely with our customers to ensure the correct conveying equipment is installed for dependable operation and high productivity in every conveying application,” explains Ken Mouritzen, Managing Director, BLT WORLD. “Our engineering services encompass strength, speed and power calculations, to provide technically advanced solutions for the most efficient equipment design and performance combination.

“An important advantage is that Convir belt, screw and scraper conveyor systems used for transporting bulk products and sorted waste, are designed and manufactured to specific requirements, for high productivity. All equipment complies with stringent quality and safety specifications.”

This equipment includes a wide range of vertical, horizontal, open and closed conveyor systems for the automation of production and logistic lines. The Convir CV-TSP360 is a compact track mounted mobile conveyor, with an integrated radial function, designed to maximise stockpile volumes from secondary equipment. Design flexibility allows this equipment to be used efficiently in various applications in both long and short term. Typical applications including radial stockpiling from wash/processing/crushing and screening plants and radial stockpiling from mobile screens and from various wet or air classification equipment. This conveyor is also suitable for stockpiling construction and demolition waste, topsoil, coal and grain.

The Convir CV-TBC800 is a radial telescopic belt conveyor that efficiently reduces segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction. This equipment offers 30% more stockpile capacity on the same footprint than conventional conveyors, when stockpiling in a trapezoidal shape.

Standard long distance module belt conveyors are designed to enhance operational efficiencies in quarries and mines where wheel loaders or trucks are normally required, thus reducing manpower, fuel consumption and the CO2 footprint.

CV-RTU450 radial truck unloaders provide a continuous loading method directly from trucks into train wagons and barges, while Convir CV-RDC1200 radial stackers are suitable for efficiently moving various bulk materials, including coal, aggregates, mulch, grain or scrap metal. These radial stackers can be custom-built, with virtually any configuration of components or options required for a specific application.

Convir CV-TSC800/24 tracked stacker conveyor offer a compact, productive and mobile solution that can be continually fed by any crusher, screener or grinder. This system reduces fuel consumption, maintenance requirements and labour costs by up to 80%.

Other bulk handling equipment available from BLT WORLD includes SAMSON mobile material feeder equipment and ScrapeTec skirting for dust and spillage control of conveyor systems used in the handling of all bulk materials. The range also comprises MDS trommel screens and apron feeders for material processing and recycling.

The BLT WORLD team offers a technical advisory, supply and support service throughout Africa.

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