Symaga keeps broadening its own product range of sensors by launching its new SY-DP1 pendular and SY-DR1 rotative sensor models and contributing to setting forward the trend initiated back in 2021 when the SY-SM1 membrane sensor was first rolled out.

The SY-DP1 pendular sensor detects the maximum level of storage, is robust and simple, and does not require any power and maintenance. It can be easily mounted on silo roofs with a flange support and it is activated by a drive located at the end of the rod.

The SY-DP1 rotative sensor serves for detecting and reporting on the maximum grain level, if they are installed on the roof, the midlle level if they are installed in the central body of the cilinder, and the minimum level if they are installed at the silo hopper. For roof installations, it is supllied with a 1m extension kit. Among all Symaga´s sensor, it is the most sensitive one, plus its feeding and maintenance are basic. And in order to improve its effectiveness and precision It includes 2 operating modes depending on the density of the stored grain.

Symaga´s sensors are ATEX ZONE 20 certified, which is the zone with the highest explosion risk. Of course, sensors are designed under norm EN 60079-0, EN 60079-31, and with Directive 2014/34 / EU, which guarantees a safe use in explosive atmospheres that occur inside of the silo due to combustible dust occurrences.

Factory Management Plan has implemented in its quality system the reference standard for the manufacture of ATEX equipment, UNE EN ISO / IEC 80079-34, that guarantees safety in the manufacturing of all references.

Symaga´s technical team continues working to offer reliable solutions for our customers contributing to the overall management of their grain storage plant.

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