SKF TMBH 5 Bearing Heater – an energy-efficient solution for easy roller bearing installation     

The SKF TMBH 5, one of the smallest, most portable induction heaters on the market, incorporates cutting-edge technology and design features to heat roller bearings weighing up to 5kg that are mounted onto a shaft with an interference fit.  Also suitable for heating other ring-shaped, metallic components, this versatile unit is designed for use during the service and maintenance of gearboxes, pumps, fans and blowers.

The TMBH 5 applies advanced medium-frequency electronics to generate a temperature difference between the bearing and the shaft. The heat causes the bearing to expand which serves to facilitate the installation process as there is no need to use force to fit the bearing.

The Bearing Heater relies on an induction clamp that contains internal coils. A current in the coils generates a fluctuating magnetic field which induces currents within the component that are converted to heat. Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager – MaPro, points out that this process is highly energy-efficient because the heat is generated within the component and not in the clamp.

The TMBH 5 provides a choice of power settings which can be selected on the unit’s intuitive LED interface: Temperature Mode enables the operator to choose the desired bearing temperature and by selecting the Time Mode, a bearing or component can be heated for a specified length of time. The device also monitors the temperature automatically. “The power regulation function (40 to 200°C) allows for sensitive components such as bearings with shields or metallic inserts in the seals to be heated more slowly if required,” adds Martens.

Due to the thin fingers of the induction clamp, the operator does not need to select a different yoke for each component which increases the number of different components that can be heated. This subsequently reduces the number of accessories needed, driving down costs.

As the medium-frequency technology that heats the components operates so silently, an LED indicator has been incorporated on the user-friendly control panel to alert the operator when the heater is in operation.

Weighing only 3kg, the portable TMBH 5 offers a light, compact bearing heating solution. The unit owes its light weight to the sophisticated medium-frequency technology and the use of appropriate manufacturing materials. A built-in handle further adds to the portability of the Bearing Heater. Conveniently fitted with storage pockets for ancillary equipment, the TMBH 5 is versatile enough to be used in a variety of locations such as on the factory floor, at a work bench or out in the field and it can be easily stored in small spaces like the boot of a car.

To ensure safe, efficient bearing heating, the TMBH 5 incorporates extra equipment including a 600mm magnetic K-type temperature probe, a heater clamp, a bearing stand and protective heat-resistant gloves, all of which are stored in an external side compartment for easy portability.

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