The new Atlas Copco PAC H centrifugal pump is a high pressure performer, promising less downtime and low cost of ownership and is now available for either purchase or rent from dewatering pump specialist, IPR, formerly Integrated Pump Rental. The company is the appointed Master Dealer for these and other Atlas Copco dewatering pumps in southern Africa.

It is part of Atlas Copco’s High Head series and according to IPR managing director, Lee Vine, it can pump to heads of up to 150 metres, with a capacity reaching 1,200 cubic metres per hour.

The Atlas Copco PAC H is well suited to a range of industrial applications, as it can handle liquids that contain solids up to 89 mm in size. This makes it popular in quarrying, mining, construction, municipal and agricultural applications – as well as in the oil and gas sector.

A key aspect of its reliable performance and long life is its protected seal. The exclusive closed impeller is equipped with deflector vanes that keep the mechanical seal clean and free of detritus. Vine says that this unique hydraulic design helps the mechanical seal last three times longer.

“With our customers focused on achieving the lowest total cost of ownership on dewatering pump installations, it is important to note that the PAC H boasts a number of features that help customers to reduce the cost of ownership through shorter repair times,” he says.

In fact, the mean time to repair (MTTR) is up to 30% faster, with the Atlas Copco hinge kit and semi-cartridge seal design. There is also a bolted wear plate and link belts allowing the wear components to be serviced and replaced without dismantling the pump.

The innovative Atlas Copco hinge kit makes maintenance easier by having a swing door that allows quick and easy access to the pump’s internal workings. There is just a single bolt, for instance, to remove the impeller. The semi-cartridge seal enables changeout without dismantling the pump, and makes the lip seal and impeller easily accessible.

Bolted wear rings make for precise and simple replacement compared to pressed alternatives. The use of link belts allows the customer to conduct changeovers without having to dismantle the entire wet end of the unit.

“As pump users embrace environmental responsibility and move toward lower emissions, the PAC H pump is there to support their efforts. The model complies with EU emissions requirements, and there are offerings that suit worldwide emission norms and certifications,” Vine adds. “The pump features a 120% fully leak-free structure, making it the environmentally friendly option.”

To keep the customer in full control, the PW controller series enables users to get the most out of the pumps in any application. There is automatic operation via a transducer and floats, as well as complete engine management with alarms and fault shutdown.

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