Eco-friendly solutions guard against soil erosion

Fibertex – specialists in nonwovens and performance-based materials – has recently supplied a geosynthetic solution to a housing estate on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast, that is designed to combat soil erosion.

This project involved the use of 3 000 m² Fibertex Soil Saver 292, which has been used to stabilise the slope and 3 000 m² Greencell 75 mm for added protection to the structure.

Fibertex SlopeSaver 292 – a biodegradable geojute, designed for use as a surface stabiliser for pre-vegetated slopes – is manufactured from woven natural jute fibres, to form a mesh of approximately 10 mm x 10 mm in aperture, that is staked at 1 m² intervals. After installation, the jute eventually degrades into an organic mulch, by which time the planted vegetation has developed its own rooting system.

According to Fibertex specialists, the Fibertex Greencell system creates an environmentally-friendly solution to protect structures that are susceptible to excessive soil erosion. Advantages of the lightweight Greencell system are its tear resistance and long service life. Greencells are manufactured from alternatively stitched UV-stabilised, coated geotextile strips, to form a continuous honey-comb type square cellular mat. The geocell is then filled with earth, gravel or concrete.

Fibertex Greencells and Soilsaver are highly-efficient erosion solutions, which are used to stabilise structures like embankments, slopes, river profiles, sand dunes, base courses and drainage canals.

Fibertex South Africa manufactures an extensive range of geosynthetic products to suit various construction applications. The Fibertex geosynthetics range encompasses nonwoven and woven geotextiles, gabions and mattresses, drainage pipes, erosion control and cellular confinement solutions. The company also supplies soil reinforcing products, including geogrids and geocells, as well as geosynthetic clay liners as part of composite lining systems in modern landfills.

The company’s continued focus on quality and a commitment to meeting exact customer needs, has led to significant expansion of business operations.

Global support guarantees the edge on product design, impeccable manufacturing standards, cost efficiency, safety and reliability of every material. Fibertex products are manufactured to consistent quality standards at all production facilities around the world.

Apart from the supply of high-quality products, Fibertex South Africa is also known for its dependable technical advisory and support service throughout Africa. The local team offers cost-effective solutions to design engineers and contractors, for innovative, efficient and safe use of all Fibertex materials.

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