Zambia’s Mines and Minerals Development Minister PAUL KABUSWE has challenged mining companies to improve their Occupational Safety and Health systems.

Mr. KABUSWE says the desire of government is to see zero fatalities and growth in the mining industry to meet production targets of 3 million tons of Copper in a decade.

In a speech read on his behalf by Acting Director Mines Safety Department MALFRED MOOLELA at the 6th National Conference on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in Ndola

Mr. KABUSWE said his Ministry is aware that several mining companies have heavily invested in technology in their smelting plants that is friendly to the environment and communities.

And Zambia Chamber of Mines President GOLDWIN BEENE urged mining companies to protect the environment in communities they operate.

Dr. BEENE said there is also need to come up with innovative ways to achieve zero harm to communities, the environment and the eco-system.

Meanwhile, the International Labour Organization Occupational Safety and Health Specialist PENEYAMBEKO MUNKAWA expressed concern with inefficiencies that characterize artisanal Mining.

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