Women in Mining and Business (WiMBIZ, SA) has extended its gratitude to Rosond, a leading drilling solutions technology provider, for its continued support and sponsorship of the recent WIMBIZ Quarterly event held on 23 November 2023 and the participation at the Inaugural Lesotho Mining Conference ‘Khotla” scheduled for 25-26 April 2024.

The event, themed ‘Transformation Inclusion and Diversity in the Digital Economy’, was a remarkable success. WiMBIZ, SA is an organisation established to create a platform for women entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and professional women to speak in one voice and access procurement opportunities and equity transactions in the mining sector.

“In a dynamic industry such as mining, characterised by continuous change, Rosond’s support, sponsorship, and active participation played a pivotal role in creating an exceptional event. The success of our recent event underscores the importance of providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration in navigating the evolving landscape of the mining sector,” says WiMBIZ, SA Executive Chairperson Khosi Sibisi.

“Innovation is at the heart of Rosond. This has fuelled my interest in the role that women play in the mining sector and the value that they bring, allowing us to create significant opportunities for women’s increased involvement. Relying on our capacity for finding creative solutions, we are developing ground-breaking applications, from a commercial and technological perspective, that make a difference in the lives of women,” comments Rosond MD Ricardo Ribeiro.

“Rosond’s contribution aligns seamlessly with WIMBIZ, SA’s vision and mission to provide cutting-edge education for the mining industry,” adds Khosi. WiMBIZ, SA announced its partnership with Rosond in 2022.

As an Advisory Board Member, Ricardo is adding great value through his knowledge of the industry, networks, and valuable strategic input. Rosond has also concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two WiMBIZ, SA members as part of its enterprise development initiatives in exploration drilling.

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