The new eco-friendly Hyundai HX300SL and HX220S crawler excavators

HPE Africa has extended its range of Hyundai HX series crawler excavators, with the addition recently of HX225SL tracked machines, that are now available throughout Southern Africa.

The new eco-friendly HX300SL and HX220S crawler excavators, which were launched locally last year, are enhanced with the addition of the HX225SL series.

“What’s significant about the HX series is the high-performance, turbocharged engine that delivers fuel-efficient fast cycle speeds and impressive power. The durability of these machines enables high productivity, dependable performance and minimum downtime, even in arduous working conditions,” states Ross Collard, Managing Director, HPE Africa, part of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Operators need the assurance that construction machines consistently deliver on fast, reliable operation, with high fuel-efficiency and low maintenance requirements. Equipment must also be able to safely handle challenging tasks in difficult terrain. It is critical in the selection of capital equipment, that operators focus on matching the correct size machine to exact project requirements.”

The HX series has advanced features for high work efficiency, including variable power control to ensure the highest performance in any operating environment and IPC (Intelligent Power Control) that allows the operator to easily select the correct mode on the monitor, to provide suitable power for each task.

The new optional Attachment Flow Control (AFC) feature has been designed to improve the pump flow rate, through the independent control of two pumps. This feature optimises attachments for the effective flow rate setting, depending on the attachment selected. There are 10 breaker types and 10 crusher types available from HPE Africa, that ensure efficient performance in various operations, to suit specific site environments. The new advanced cooling system, with a three-layer stacked-up module, improves air inflow and provides excellent cooling performance, by increasing heat dissipation.

Hyundai HX225SL excavators have net power ratings of 110 kW@1 950 rpm, an operating weight of 22 070 kg and a bucket capacity of 1, 20 m³. These robust machines have a maximum digging depth of 6, 730 mm and a dumping height up to 6, 780 mm.

These robust machines have a new exterior design with a reinforced upper and lower frame structure, to cope efficiently with external shock loads and the demands of heavy work. Wear resistance of the bucket has been improved and reduced vibration enables greater stability during operation.

A swing lock system improves operating speed and productivity and maintains stability when swing movement needs to be limited. A fine swing control option is also available when a fine swing is required.

The HX series design allows for improved lubricity of connecting parts between the equipment and attachments. Wear-resistant long-life pins, bushes and polymer shims ensure high performance and extended service life. A wear-resistant cover plate is installed at the end of the arm to minimise abrasion on the connector between the arm and the bucket.

High-pressure hoses, with improved heat and pressure resistance and an enlarged air inlet with a fine net grill cover, prevents penetration of foreign materials, to ensure greater durability of the equipment.

The newly designed coil spring and damper inside the cab’s suspension mount reduce vibration and noise levels, providing a comfortable space that reduces operator fatigue.

The new Eco Gauge level and colour displays indicate engine torque and fuel efficiency levels and advise of the status of fuel consumption. In addition, the operator can view the average rates and hourly and daily based fuel consumption in the detailed menu.

The ergonomically designed instrument panel comprises concentrated electronic functions that enhance work efficiency. A full view front window and large rear and side windows provide excellent visibility in all directions and a state-of-the-art video camera system secures field of vision for operators in all directions to improve onsite safety. An Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) system informs the operator when people or dangerous objects are detected within the recognition distance of 5 m.

Easy access to vital components gives an unrestricted view of components and allows easy maintenance and repair.

Hyundai HX series excavators are suitable for many applications, including construction, digging trenches, holes or foundations, road works, materials handling and laying pipes, as well as moving earth, demolition, or dredging.

HPE Africa’s range includes Hyundai wheel loaders, tracked and wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and motor graders. The company also supplies and supports Soosan hydraulic breakers and quick couplers, which are complimentary attachments to Hyundai construction equipment.

All machines are supported by HPE Africa’s technical and after-sales teams throughout southern Africa.

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