STIHL – affordable agri tools for developing farmers

All Farmers’ Range products are powerful and up to the task for which they have been designed. They are robust, simple to operate, and economical to run and maintain. For convenience and flexibility, spares are interchangeable between all units in the 230 range.

Even in remote rural locations, these machines can be quickly and easily serviced by one person, without extended downtime.

The range includes the following essential tools:

  • The STIHL FS 230 brushcutter: New to South Africa, this lightweight yet powerful tool, with its  cost-effective 1,55kW two-stroke engine, offers low maintenance and delivers a smooth action that cuts grass and vegetation efficiently . It comes standard with a 305mm grass-cutting blade as well as the quick-loading Autocut C26-2 nylon mowing head, which offers impressive savings on nylon line.
  • The STIHL BT 230 auger:  Specifically designed for fencing and planting, this runs on a two-stroke engine. The machine is cost-effective and robust, and can conquer the hardest, most compacted soil, drilling holes up to 30cm with ease. It is lightweight for easy handling. Thanks to the use of market-standard components, a wide range of industry-standard auger bits can be fitted to the frame, as well as other STIHL bits (using an adapter).
  • The STIHL WP 230 mobile water pump: This is designed to get water to crops and livestock, and delivers a high vertical and horizontal pumping capacity of up to 250ℓ/min, 15m³/h up to 8m flow height, and 27m pumping height. The standard filter cage protects the machine against the intake of large particles, and the high-quality clamps allow for easy hose assembly.
  • The STIHL SG 230 portable petrol sprayer: The lightweight two-stroke petrol engine makes light work of herbicide and pesticide application, and accurately delivers large volumes with a controlled flow rate for all high-volume spraying tasks. It is cost-effective to use, as there is very little waste of expensive chemicals, and the 30m hose enables a far and precise reach.
  • The STIHL BC 230 cultivator: An ergonomic machine, this has resilient 250mm blades for tilling prepared soil, weeding in rows, preparing irrigation and drainage ditches and other essential tasks. The large rotating blades reach a depth of up to 80mm. The folding handles make it easy to store and move around.

Werner Nuss, export and business development manager at STIHL South Africa, says: “Our Farmers’ Range tools have been developed specifically for the challenging conditions of the local agriculture sector.

These machines offer STIHL quality and durability at a price suitable for emerging and small-scale farmers, making them a must-have for reliable mechanisation on any agricultural property, large or small.”

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