Seamless compressed air system management with Atlas Copco service plans

The efficient performance of compressed air systems is the foundation for seamless production processes and sustainable business. The adoption of a comprehensive service plan delivered by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) like Atlas Copco is key to overall compressor performance, efficiency, reliability and long-life cycle which, in turn, curb operational costs and maximise uptime and production, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.  

“Our vision is to optimise compressed air equipment that our customers have invested in by offering a trouble-free compressed air delivery solution,” says Ashley Sathabridge, Sales Manager at Atlas Copco Compressor Technique. “It’s for this very reason that we have developed one of the most comprehensive maintenance and service plan selections in the industry, enabling customers to focus on their core operations, leaving the care of their equipment in our capable hands.”

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s suite of seven service plans set the benchmark for excellence in compressed air system management. Focusing on proactive maintenance, transparent pricing, parts management and service reports, these plans have been specially designed to save costs, reduce energy bills and enhances operational efficiency.

The service plans range from basic maintenance (Preventive Maintenance plan) to all-inclusive offers providing compressor maintenance solutions that best suit individual customer needs and budgets.   “Irrespective of what service level a customer selects, they can always count on fast professional service delivered by our skilled technicians, using the right tools and genuine Atlas Copco parts, ensuring the integrity of their air systems,” states Sathabridge. He adds that regular service reports keep customers informed about the status of their systems.

The Parts Plan simplifies spare parts management, providing customers with genuine parts for their compressor specifications on a need-to-have basis. According to Sathabridge, the plan eliminates the need for customers to keep stock of consumable compressor components thus reducing costs and the need for storage space. “With a Parts Plan you get the right parts at the right time,” affirms Sathabridge.

“Failure to replace compressor parts timeously can undermine a compressor’s efficiency and reliability, making regular inspection crucial to sustained operational efficiency,” stresses Sathabridge. “We offer an Inspection Plan that provides a thorough assessment of a customer’s compressed air system.

A certified Atlas Copco technician audits the compressor installation and following the inspection, a detailed report is submitted, outlining the system’s status and suggestions for maintenance.” This allows the customer to pre-plan major interventions in alignment with scheduled plant stops or shutdowns, thus increasing productivity.

As the name suggests, Atlas Copco’s Preventive Maintenance plan offers on-time,scheduled services tailored to a customer’s installation and site circumstances for a fixed period and fee. If technicians identify a potential issue, they will address it as part of routine maintenance and propose additional actions to prevent unexpected break downs and subsequent costly downtime.

Customers who choose Total Carewill reap a host of benefits offered by this full-service compressor maintenance plan. Compressor Technique’s experienced technicians will take care of all maintenance requirements and challenges faced to keep compressed air equipment running in peak condition and to uphold peak compressor outputs. The plan provides customers with comprehensive service coverage, including troubleshooting, access to genuine parts, expert service and repairs, as well as breakdown cover, including the replacement of compromised components.

Atlas Copco’s all-inclusive one-stop-shop Total Responsibility Service Plan combines many of the elements of the aforementioned plans, giving customers access to maintenance, upgrades, repairs and drive line overhauls at an all-inclusive price. The plan covers every detail, from comprehensive monitoring of compressor data to repairs and scheduled service visit. Additionally, the inclusion of genuine parts, priority emergency support with guaranteed response times and access to the latest R&D improvements is the ultimate maintenance and energy efficiency solution. “If necessary, engineers can also retrofit compressors with the latest improvements resulting from ongoing research and development,” notes Sathabridge.

AIRPlan is essentially a pay-as-you-use model, allowing customers to only pay for the compressed air they use. Atlas Copco Compressor Technique will own, maintain, and monitor compressed air equipment to ensure optimal operating conditions throughout the contract period. AIRPlan allows customers to have the benefit of  new energy efficient compressed air technology without purchasing new equipment, while having all the benefits of a total responsibility service contract.  

While Atlas Copco offers a standard warranty for its compressed air systems, the organisation, known for its innovative and pioneering spirit, also provides a trendsettingExtended Warranty+ plan that offerscustomers an additional five years extended coverage for all Atlas Copco compressors, dryers, and ancillary equipment. With the EW+plan, customers will also benefit from complete preventive maintenance by experienced service teams who know when it’s time to replace parts and to perform the necessary checks to reduce energy costs.

Compressors under any service plan are remotely monitored via SMARTLINK, providing businesses with real-time insights into energy efficiency and performance, with the option for remote diagnostics that will ensure potential problems are mitigated.   “In summary, the Atlas Copco Compressor Technique service plans are designed with our customers in mind, to ensure that they achieve maximum efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective manner,” affirms Sathabridge.  

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