Rosond appoints Geotechnical Project Coordinator to head-up new projects

Leading technology solutions provider Rosond of Midrand has appointed Daniëlle Potgieter as its new Geotechnical Project Coordinator. Holding a BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling from the University of South Africa and a BSc Geology degree from the University of Pretoria, Danielle has worked as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner and Geotechnical Scientist.

As she navigates her way through her new role in the geotechnical division, Danielle is excited to work on various projects that form part of Rosond’s portfolio. What drew her to this position was that it not only gives her the opportunity to work on various projects, but it also presents different challenges in her field of expertise.

“As you know, Rosond is a large company with a huge reach in terms of the type of projects that they work on. They work with many different mines, geological settings and technical approaches. Whereas if you work at one mine, you only gain exposure to one geological setting,” says Danielle.

Her role at Rosond involves managing the budgets of geotechnical projects. She oversees each step in a project from engaging with clients, coordinating technical requirements, crew and equipment, and reporting to both internal and external stakeholders while forecasting cash flow. Additionally, Danielle regularly communicates with geologists and other geotechnical professionals and project owners to ensure smooth project execution.

She emphasises the importance of being flexible and knowing one’s capabilities as well as getting input or gaining the insight and expertise of colleagues to assist her in her role. Furthermore, keeping open and direct communication with colleagues ensure that the shared goal of making a project a success comes to pass. When faced with challenges, Danielle believes that working quickly and efficiently as a team is an effective way of overcoming these challenges.

“Historically most companies have been and still are male-dominated and I believe that the mining sector is trying to be more diverse, especially through the help of organisations such as Women in Mining SA (WiMSA) and the Minerals Council South Africa. Although I believe there’s still a long way to go, I think through continuous exposure of women in the workplace and breaking stereotypes, the sector can become more inclusive and diverse,” she explains.

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, in addition to knowing your capabilities and competencies, will allow you to build your reputation, which will in turn influence how people perceive you, concludes Danielle.

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