Quick and easy residue removal

BMG’s Liqui Moly range of oils, additives and care products includes a highly efficient sealant remover that not only ensures thorough cleaning of mechanical components, but also reduces maintenance time.

“Liqui Moly sealant remover – designed for industrial, automotive, construction and agricultural applications – is a combination of solvents, selected for their excellent cleaning properties,” explains Carlo Beukes, Business Development Manager, Agricultural, Automotive and Lubrication divisions, BMG. “This fast-acting sealant remover is suitable for use on components manufactured from steel, iron and non-ferrous metals, as well as ceramics, wood and glass. This liquid product is conveniently packaged in aerosol form for easy application on valve covers, cylinder heads, water pumps, oil sumps, flange seals and vehicle, engine, exhaust and mechanical parts.

“Baked-on and hardened sealing compounds, adhesives and residues are quickly dissolved and removed and a notable feature is this sealant remover also adheres to vertical surfaces.

“We have received positive feedback from customers who claim this product offers substantial savings in time and effort, making a cleaning task that was previously laborious and costly, totally painless.”

Liqui Moly chemicals, which have been developed in Germany to the highest quality standards, reduce operational and maintenance costs and also enhance environmental protection.

Other Liqui Moly products available from BMG include a highly efficient silicone gasket sealant, engine oil additives, transmission fluids and care products.

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