One step ahead in flooring

The Fibertex team, which has been developing advanced flooring solutions for over 50 years, works closely with global flooring manufacturers to design solutions for optimum flooring comfort and enhanced sound absorption, using high-performance nonwoven materials.

Fibertex nonwoven materials are used as secondary backings for carpet and carpet tiles and also as backings for PVC floor coverings. These are designed for enhanced walking comfort, insulation and noise reduction in any installation. The company also supplies materials to protect floors, carpets and furniture during painting or renovations.

“The Fibertex technical team combines advanced technologies and quality materials – with high dimensional stability and excellent sustainability – to make sure the local market keeps abreast with the latest trends for walking comfort and acoustics,” explains Rosa Naidoo, Key Account Manager, Fibertex South Africa, part of the global Fibertex group. “Apart from optimising the comfort of flooring, sound treatment is a critical design trend to reduce noise disturbance and enhance sound quality. Noises made inside a building are absorbed, reflected or transmitted by the walls, ceilings and floorings, and the objective of sound treatment is to prevent transmission of sound throughout a building. This is achieved by selecting acoustic flooring materials designed for effective sound treatment.”

Fibertex high-performance materials are produced in black, white or grey, with either Polyester or Polypropylene fibres and are available in a maximum width of 520 cm. Apart from the standard flooring range, the company also manufactures products with fire retardant characteristics and others which have undergone hydrophobic treatment, to repel liquids. For added convenience during installation, these materials can be self-adhesive.

Fibertex underlay materials are installed beneath flooring products for improved walking comfort, effective insulation and noise reduction. Comfortback® is a patented environmentally friendly TWO-in-ONE® system, which is a secondary backing for modular carpets and features high dimensional stability, excellent sustainability and enhanced walking comfort.

This range provides the convenience of the manufacture of broadloom and tiles in the same production process, which gives architects and designers the freedom to create exceptional textile floor coverings for exact requirements. The system is designed so that backing techniques – which include traditional latex, hot-melt extrusion and powder scattering processes – can be applied.

Fibertex nonwovens are also used for the backings of PVC floor coverings to enhance walking comfort and improve acoustics in the room. These products, can be customised to suit exact requirements, including PVC rolls and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). Important features include easy handling and quick installation.

Fibertex flooring underlay materials can be installed underneath ceramics, Parkett, or LVT flooring, to improve walking comfort, enhance insulation and reduce noise levels in the room.

Matex® has been developed to protect floors, carpets and furniture during painting or renovations. This durable material absorbs water and paint, preventing damage to any surfaces beneath the fabric. Flexback® is a resilient, foam replacement material that is odour-free and moisture-proof, with advanced features for walking comfort and sound absorption. Matchback® can be selected in any colour to match front of broadloom carpets.

The Fibertex team offers a technical support service to its diverse customer-base throughout Africa, to ensure correct specification of durable and safe materials for high efficiency in every installation. One flooring material does not suit all installations and for this reason, Fibertex recommends seeking the professional advice of a flooring specialist before choosing flooring products.

Global support from the holding company in Denmark guarantees the edge on product design, impeccable manufacturing standards, cost efficiency, safety and reliability of every Fibertex material. Apart from the flooring sector, key areas of business are in the automotive sector, acoustics, bedding, building, composites, concrete, filtration, furniture, geotextiles, medical and wipes.

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