New lubricants for farmers

BMG has launched two new agricultural specific lubricants at Nampo 2023 – a corn head grease and a transmission flow grease – both of which form part of BMG’s Boerslim/Smartfarming portfolio.

“The effects of friction and the resulting wear of moving components are significantly reduced by effective lubrication. The purpose of any lubricant – which may take the form of an oil, a grease or a solid – is to separate the mating surfaces and thereby reduce friction and wear,” explains says Carlo Beukes, Business Development Manager, Agricultural, Automotive and Lubrication divisions, BMG. “For this reason, BMG specialists consider lubrication to be one of the most important aspects of efficient agricultural equipment performance and machinery maintenance programmes. Not only do lubricants, oils and greases extend the service life of machinery and equipment, but they also play an important role in enhancing performance of components, like bearings and industrial gearboxes.

“It is important to take cognisance of factors, such as speed of relative movement, ambient and operating temperatures, loading, vibration and the environmental operating conditions.”

BMG’s new Corn Head Grease, from Habot, has been especially formulated for the lubrication of corn head gearboxes on agricultural machinery and even for general mechanisms requiring fluid grease with a high lubrication capacity and a long service life. This grease is especially suitable for use in gear boxes where lubricant leakage is an issue.

An important benefit of BMG’s Corn Head Grease is it meets John Deere J-I3 E6 specifications for its latest harvesters and is 100% compatible with the OEM John Deere grease.

This extreme pressure grease has a NGLI Polyurea agent, which is a high-viscosity lubricant formulated to withstand the demanding conditions of corn harvesting. This thickening material makes it impossible to mix with other grease types, like lithium.

Other notable features of this high-performance lubricating grease are resistance to loads and excellent adhesion to moving parts, even in dusty environments. This grease helps to reduce friction, prevents metal-to-metal contact and protects against rust and corrosion.

There are many benefits of using BMG’s Corn Head Grease – it will not leak from the gear case or drain from the gears during idle periods; it protects gears from seizure under heavy load and it protects gears from thermal degradation under severe operating conditions and corrosive environments. This grease also works efficiently under high and low temperature conditions.

BMG’s new Liqui Moly Transmission Flow Grease LP00 is based on lithium soap, with highly effective additive packages, as well as EP and adhesive additives. This flow grease, which can be used in transmissions in which a semi-liquid lubricant is particularly effective, is resistant to aging and offers corrosion and wear protection.

Advanced high-pressure additives ensure dependable use in transmissions, even with high surface pressure. This flow grease, which can withstand an operating temperature range between –30°C and +120 °C, is particularly suitable for the lubrication of normally stressed transmissions and gear couplings which operate at low to normal rotational speeds, under dusty and damp conditions.

BMG’s extensive range of lubricants has been carefully selected to improve performance of equipment and machinery; to minimise operating costs and reduce maintenance requirements in heavy-duty applications, including harsh, dusty farming conditions.

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