Mopani Copper Mines PLC and Prospero Zambia through an existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), held a two-day workshop in Governance, Business Skills, financial literacy and Value Chain Development for two associations with a combined membership of over 13,000 members.

The two associations are the National Ex Miners and Allied Workers Association (NEAWAZ) and Miners for Diversification Initiative (MDI).

The training held at the Nkana Golf Club in Kitwe on February 2 and 3, was directed at the association’s executive leadership and selected members, with 30 people in attendance.

Mopani and Prospero Zambia have been in collaboration since 2017, through an annually renewable MoU with an undertaking to fulfil Mopani’s Local Enterprise Development and Community Investment strategy.

The primary targets of the MoU among others include capacity building and strengthening of local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and various cooperatives in Mopani’s host communities of Kitwe and Mufulira.

This is with the aim of reducing reliance on the mines, promoting socio-economic diversification and building community resilience.

Mopani Business Development Superintendent, Thandi Phiri Chanda, who echoed the words of the Corporate Affairs Managers, Lorraine Tembo, said: “This training is a milestone event in relation to our MoU with Prospero Zambia.

Phase one of our engagements to support NEAWAZ and MDI included a sensitization and orientation of holistic socio-economic development community models, which associations and cooperatives could adopt.

This was followed by a detailed needs assessments and situational analysis of the two association’s operations carried out in December 2022. Prospero Zambia with the support of consultants Wonta Enterprises, used the data to formulate a training manual for on-going capacity building. “

“The training has been very engaging, with participants gaining practical knowledge, which will map the way towards more organized, resourceful, productive and self-sustaining organizations.

Our plan as a company is to compliment government efforts to ensure that the communities of Kitwe and Mufulira are economically resilient beyond life of mine in both towns,” Mrs Chanda further said.

She further stated that discussions are on-going to roll out phase three of the Mopani- Prospero Zambia collaboration.

The plan is to take a deep dive into more practical development of NEAWAZ and MDI’s strategic and business plans in order for them to better serve their organizations.

Mrs Chanda said; “These are exciting times for us, and we are eagerly waiting for what is coming with the commencement of phase three! I can simply say, watch this space.”

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