Locally manufactured clean energy solutions

Creslow Energy Solutions – a local manufacturer of clean energy storage systems– has recently been established in South Africa.

“By utilising the latest technology in our clean energy storage products, we provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the safe and efficient storage of renewable energy that can be used when required,” explains Kriban Govender, Managing Director, Creslow Energy Solutions. “Solar off-grid energy systems are gaining popularity in South Africa, as a form of renewable energy that is clean, emission and noise-free, sustainable, safe and cost efficient.

“The Creslow team is committed to the production of high-quality products, that meet stringent international and local quality, safety and environmental specifications. We also strive to source locally manufactured components and to enhance the creation of job opportunities and skills upliftment.

“Our advanced battery systems have been developed for use in businesses and households to optimise energy requirements and to ensure the continuity of operations during power outages. We have also developed highly efficient industrial lithium batteries, specifically for forklifts, golf carts and E-bikes.

“Creslow’s clean energy storage systems operate in two ways – either as a battery backup system that works in conjunction with an inverter, or as an off-grid system that also requires an inverter and solar panels. In each case, it is critical that the system is installed by a certified technician.

“Although our forklift battery systems provide up to 900 AM (Amp Hours) with 52 V (Volts) as standard, these battery capacities are not limited. A critical advantage of Creslow’s solutions is that each battery can be customised to suit specific requirements. Our specialists, with a thorough understanding of distinct South African conditions, are geared for the development of energy storage solutions to suit local conditions and market requirements.”

Creslow’s modular approach for the Home Energy Storage Systems (ESS) market range allows battery packs to be connected in parallel, which means any specific total capacity can be achieved. Market assessment indicates that for a typical large home to be off-grid, approximately 4 x 5 kWH battery packs are necessary.

For backup systems required during load shedding, a single 5 KWH battery ensures the continuity of essential services – including the fridge, TV, lighting, Wi-Fi and cell phone chargers – for up to seven hours.

To complement the Solarsmart Home ESS range, Creslow has introduced storage cabinets to store the battery system. These cabinets are available in 3, 4, 5 or 6-unit configuration.

Creslow’s forklift industrial lithium batteries have integrated smart capabilities and are compatible with existing chargers, so there is no need to invest in specific chargers or Smart chargers. The rapid charging capability means these batteries can be charged for short periods of time during working hours, typically during the lunch period and when the machine is not being used. This is an important advantage over conventional lead-acid batteries that require between six and eight hours to fully charge.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium phosphate batteries do not contain any acid. There is therefore no risk of acid spills, which is major safety concern in industry. In addition, disposal of lead-acid batteries must be controlled, to ensure toxic elements are not released into the environment. Because lithium does not produce any heat or fumes, which is common with lead-acid, these batteries are recommended for warehouse environments.

All Creslow’s products are enhanced by a specially configured Battery Management System (BMS) that controls over charging, over utilisation and other critical maintenance procedures, to significantly extend service life of the battery.

Safety features include an automatic cut off when the battery is fully charged or depleted. Creslow’s lithium cells have a safe working temperature for suitability to cold storage and chill room environments. These units have a discharging temperature from -35⁰C to 65⁰C and a charging range from 0⁰C to 65⁰C.

The Creslow team assesses market trends and introduces new products to meet specific demand. Autosmart, with all the benefits of Lithium technology, has recently been released for use in golf carts and caravans.

Creslow Energy Solutions has engaged with partners in Europe to ensure the highest standards within international best practise for battery design.

These clean energy products are available throughout the country from a network of specially selected distributors and are supported by the Creslow Energy Solutions team.

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