Link belting with wedge profiles

BMG’s range of Fenner PowerTwist Link Belting is now available with SPA and SPB wedge profiles.

“This important upgrade to rubber wedge belts enhances durability of the belting by combining the high performance of rubber, with additional cost-saving benefits, including quick, effortless installation and a longer belt life,” says Westnar van der Westhuizen, Product Manager, Power Transmissiondivision,BMG. “These wedge belts, which are positioned easily into existing equipment, are unaffected by abrasive dust, oil, grease, water and common industrial solvents. The easy-to-use twist-lock design is made to length by hand, which means users always have the correct belt length available, without having to invest in a large stockholding.

“PowerTwist Link Belting offers high resistance to abrasion and shock loads and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to +116°C. The advanced link design dampens transmitted motor vibrations, extending bearing life and reducing noise levels.”

PowerTwist Link Belting combines extremely high strength with low stretch and has the same power ratings as conventional V-belts. The elasticity of woven polyurethane fabric enables these belts to be stretched over a pulley drive without any damage. Once the required length of belt is determined, the V-belt is simply twisted and the end links are interlocked by hand, without the need for tools.

The BMG team has recently assisted a customer who had excess working capital tied up in inventory and who had to regularly re-tension or replace belts because they had stretched and lost efficiency, as a result of heavy shock loads and high temperatures.

Belt installation previously required many workers and it took hours to weld and dismantle drive components. In addition, bearings had to be changed at least once a month, due to failure from drive vibration.

The customer’s inventory has since been reduced to a few boxes of PowerTwist belts, which are made to the required length on-site. PowerTwist belting does not stretch, does not require re-tensioning after the initial run in and service life has been extended to 18 months.

For user convenience, the PowerTwist Drive range is available from BMG in different speciality profiles and constructions for efficient power transmission and material handling applications.

PowerTwist Link Belting is suitable for many harsh industrial power transmission applications, including metal manufacturing, mining and cement plants and agriculture. Because the composite material of PowerTwist has greater resistance to abrasion than conventional rubber belts, BMG specialists also recommend this range for tough wood processing conditions.

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