Lifting and rigging solutions for lifting and moving wildlife

BMG’s dedicated Lifting and Rigging division has been involved in important projects recently, including the lifting and moving of wildlife.

“A challenging task for the team was assisting a game farmer relocate three young giraffes from a game reserve in Nylstroom, to Kuwait,” explains Tanita Rousel-Brett, Tools & Equipment Lifting and Rigging, BMG. “To make the move as comfortable as possible for the animals, we constructed a robust sling especially for the project, using high-strength McKinnon chain, to load the crate holding the giraffes safely onto a truck.

“Another project involved the design and manufacture of a sling to lift and move wildebeest from one enclosure to another.”

“Our team of specialists works together to provide solutions for any lifting or rigging challenge. BMG’s broad range of quality branded equipment is enhanced by a technical advisory and support service, that ensures simplified, efficient and safe procedures in every application.”

Included in BMG’s extensive range of tools, lifting and rigging equipment are electric, chain and lever hoists, geared and plain crawls, chain, wire and webbing slings and hydraulic, pneumatic hoists and winches, as well as manual Tirfor winches and ropes. The range also comprises high-pressure hydraulic tools, mechanical ratchet jacks, jib cranes and eye bolts.

BMG complies fully with the requirements of the lifting machine and lifting tackle regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Act 85 of 1993. The company’s Lifting Machinery Inspector (LMI) is certified in terms of the Engineering Profession Act 2000 (Act no46 of 2000) and is a registered member of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

BMG has approval from The Department of Labour in terms of the driven machinery regulations 18 (5) of the occupational and safety Act 1993, for examining and testing of lifting machines and lifting tackle.

The company has a fully equipped trailer and is able to offer an onsite load testing service for customer convenience and peace of mind.

BMG specialists consider the safe operation of lifting and rigging equipment, as one of the most critical aspects in materials handling and recommended that customers’ equipment is independently load tested annually, or as per urgent requirements and inspected every three months.

BMG’s Tools & Equipment Lifting team offers a specialist service to diverse sectors throughout Africa, including automotive and tyre manufacturing, paper and pulp, sugar, forestry and agriculture, as well as marine and mining.

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