BLT WORLD – specialists in bulk materials handling – has launched ScrapeTec’s new SureSupport conveyor system, that has been developed to improve material take-up and maximise the efficiency of skirting and sealing. This is achieved by correcting belt tracking, providing an effective seal at the transfer points, preventing material spillage and enhancing dust control.

“The newly designed SureSupport system delivers support and stability to the belt at transfer points, which increases the effectiveness of side sealing, enhances dust suppression and minimises material spillage,” explains Ken Mouritzen, Managing Director, BLT WORLD. “In conventional conveyors, the force of falling bulk materials causes a high belt load in the transfer area, resulting in belt degradation and increased material, energy and maintenance costs. To compensate for the belt load and to maintain efficient sealing within the transfer area, the idler density can be increased in the feed area. Although this measure may improve efficiency, it does not fully eliminate belt damage.”

The SureSupport system efficiently reinforces the belt and prevents belt sag at the infeed, which is normally caused by the impact energy of falling materials being conveyed. Specially-designed sliding rails prevent belt damage and tightness of the transfer is increased with the use of a combination skirting and sealing system that ensures even belt tracking.

SureSupport operates in conjunction with ScrapeTec’s AirScrape side seal, providing a high performance, dust free and contactless skirting solution, with reduced material spillage. A smooth straight and flat belt surface keeps the AirScrape lamellas continuously in the correct position, with no physical belt contact. Other advantages of this system include quick and simple installation, as well as reduced maintenance time and costs.

Scrapetec’s advanced conveyor belt systems – which meet stringent quality, safety and environmental standards – are available directly from BLT WORLD, which provides an assessment and solutions service to customers in diverse sectors, for planning and implementing projects. A technical advisory and support service enhances performance of every system.

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