Industrial gear units for lifting drives in mining

BMG has launched a new range of NORD MAXXDRIVE®-XD industrial gear units, designed to enhance the efficiency of lifting gear used in many industries, including the mining sector.

“Lifting applications place great demands on limited installation space for drives. NORD MAXXDRIVE® XD industrial gear units have been designed by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, with an increased centre distance that is ideally suited to the U-shaped configuration of the drive, motor and cable drum, used in lifting equipment in all kinds of cranes,” states Deon Crous, National Sales Manager – Gears, for BMG’s Electromechanical division. “With the launch of new these industrial gearboxes, BMG is able to offer the mining sector a complete package of running gear and lifting gear drives for cranes from a single source.

“The housing of the MAXXDRIVEXD gear units has been specially designed for lifting applications and optimised for downward loads. The elongated arrangement of gear stages also enables a mechanical tailor-made dimensioning of the gear unit with sufficient centre distance – thereby avoiding an over-dimensioning.”

BMG offers this range in five sizes, with centre distances between 509 and 963 millimetres and in in versions with three or four gear stages that have identical housing dimensions and centre distances. This feature enables customers to standardise and reduce versions for the construction of cranes.

In addition, the MAXXDRIVE XD covers a wide speed range, with a maximum nominal gear ratio of i = 355. The constant torque across the whole speed ratio guarantees high efficiency while in use.

Standard components from BMG’s NORD range of industrial gear units are compatible with MAXXDRIVE XD. This ensures customers have a wide choice of options and are guaranteed short delivery time. The grey cast iron (GJL) or nodular cast iron (GJS) housing is available with an inspection cover, enabling a visual check of internal components, without having to remove the gear unit.

Apart from use in the mining sector, MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units are suitable for ports, logistics and shipyards, in metal, chemical and paper facilities and for bulk goods trans-shipment.

Getriebebau NORD – leading global manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions – is represented exclusively in southern Africa, by BMG.

BMG’s electromechanical team – which is committed to ensuring every mine and plant operate efficiently and safely – works in close partnership with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, to offer ongoing supply and support of a wide range of engineering components.  

BMG’s team of technicians supports the NORD range with a technical advisory and support service, which is tailored to meet the precise specifications of contractors, designers and the end-user. Local assembly at BMG World in Johannesburg, enables prompt delivery of drive systems and the quick availability of spare parts.

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