Hey farmers, BMG has got the lot

The challenges of making sure agricultural operations are efficient, safe and sustainable can be daunting to even the most experienced farmer.

“We know how important it is for the farming community to have the assurance of equipment reliability, access to spare parts and dependable technical skills. This is why we constantly adapt our product offering and support services to suit changing demand from our customers in the agriculture sector,” explains Carlo Beukes, BMG’s Business Development Manager, Agricultural, Automotive and Lubrication divisions. “BMG’s BoerSlim/Smart Farming programme is a highly successful initiative where the team assists farmers to embrace advancements in agricultural machinery. Through this programme, BMG offers sustainable solutions that focus on effective food production, the correct use of suitable equipment for specific tasks and the efficient application of the latest technologies.

“These services include the selection, installation and operation of all products to improve efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and minimise maintenance requirements.

“In response to customer demand, we have recently launched a focus on providing specialist irrigation solutions that enhance productivity, optimise energy efficiency and minimise operational costs. These services include the supply and support of recently upgraded pivot geared motors and Synergy variable speed drives (VSDs).”

BMG agricultural specialists recommend the installation of Synergy VSDs to optimise energy savings, improve control over processes and extend service life of equipment, ultimately improving productivity and sustainability.

VSDs are typically used on irrigation systems to control the speed of pumps, in grain handling to control the speed of conveyors, augers and fans and to ensure a consistent and accurate feed delivery system in poultry and livestock feeding applications.


VSDs are also recommended in milking machines and milk cooling systems to adjust the speed of vacuum pumps and milk agitators, enhancing milking efficiency and milk quality. VSDs can control the speed of fans and heaters in crop drying systems, ensuring precise control of temperature and airflow for efficient drying. These units can also be used in off-grid or remote agricultural operations to manage power generation from renewable sources, like wind or solar.

New products in the agricultural portfolio include upgraded BTC bearing block unit (BBU) and housing products, which are manufactured exclusively for BMG, to stringent quality and safety specifications.

Originally the BTC range was developed for light to medium rotating equipment applications, including packhouses and small conveyors in general industry and the agricultural sector. However, with important upgrades, these robust BTC bearings and components are also perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications.

BMG has launched two new agricultural specific lubricants recently – a corn head grease and a transmission flow grease – both of which form part of BMG’s Boerslim/Smartfarming portfolio.

What’s also important for farmers is BMG online shopping platform, which is gaining popularity as a convenient way to procure engineering and agricultural products. This service is especially important for farmers who are located a great distance from the nearest BMG branch.

BMG provides solutions to all key players in the agricultural sector, including local manufacturers of equipment and implements, as well as agricultural re-sellers and the farmer.

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