Greater precision and improved safety for bolted connections

BMG’s Fasteners, Tools & Equipment division has extended its range of wrenches to include a new generation of cordless torque wrenches from Gedore Torque Solutions, with optional process reliable documentation software and advanced features for higher torque, greater precision and improved safety.

“Our new Gedore LDA/LAW Solution series for bolted connections – which ensures the highest quality and safety standards – is critical in many applications, particularly where bolting connections need to be precise and where bolting procedures must be documented for safety or maintenance requirements,” says Jeremy Pieters, Business Unit Manager – Fasteners, Tools & Equipment Division, BMG. “Typical applications in mining are for open-cast and above-ground pipe assemblies, conveyor idlers and specific bolting requirements in materials handling. These high-precision cordless torque wrenches are well suited for vibrator screens in mills and all motors in different plants. They are designed for safe and efficient operation in earthmoving and construction equipment, wind turbines, vehicle chassis and specific bolting applications in the automotive sector. These tools are widely used in the construction industry for pipeline assembly and all plant environments that are not spark-free.

“BMG’s new lightweight LDA Solution (straight version) and LAW Solution (angled version) cordless torque wrenches, which are manufactured from high-performance aluminium, offer a continuously adjustable torque range from 90 to 13 000 Nm. These tools are equipped with double patented screwdriving control and powerful 90 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion batteries, that operate at constant peak performance until they are completely discharged. The optional torque rotation angle offers users even higher torque precision and ensures perfectly defined bolted connections that comply with stringent quality standards.

“A sunlight-readable, intuitively operated digital colour display visually represents the entire work process. Other advanced features include a high-performance gearbox, low maintenance brushless technology and microprocessor-controlled switch-off electronics. For greater safety, there is an automatic switch-off when the correct torque is achieved. The wrench slacken-function (auto release) is automatically activated as soon as torque is applied, to allow safe and easy removal of the tool after the required torque has been achieved.

“These tools have been designed for operator comfort and safe handling. The ergonomic grip is non-slip and fatigue-free, while the 360° rotating drive unit prevents injuries and allows the operator to work in confined spaces.”

The LDA Solution is equipped with process-reliable documentation software that ensures quality operation and assists with service and recalibration requirements. The integrated DOCU module, with a reliable counting mode for life and maintenance cycles, enables the accurate recording of over 10 000 bolt connections. The data is transferred via USB interface for archiving completed bolting work. This module and software allow pre-defining of different bolting operations and are available as optional features for certain models.  

For even more precise tightening of bolts, the LDA Solution offers the torque-angle function. After a tight torque has been reached, the bolt is retightened by the previously determined further angle of rotation, to guarantee a perfectly defined bolt connection.

BMG’s fasteners, tools and equipment portfolio encompasses hand and power tools, cutting and drilling tools, lifting and rigging equipment, hydraulic tools and abrasives, as well as workshop and welding equipment and locks and lock-out systems. The division also supplies and supports a full range of fasteners and fastening components.

BMG’s Fasteners, Tools & Equipment team works closely with customers throughout Africa to source quality branded products that meet exact requirements. The team’s commitment to customers is to assist in optimising inventory investment and reduce production and maintenance costs, at the same time minimising downtime in every operation.

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