Cat latest mining truck hits market

New Cat® 789 Mining Truck builds on a legacy of proven performance to offer efficiency gains, the next generation of cab comfort and cutting-edge connectivity.

According to the manufacturer, the truck offers a weight advantage over the competition to haul more material every load and deliver a cost-per-ton advantage. And a proven performer, high uptime reliability reduces overall costs to deliver a better bottom line.

The new 789 moves more material with less fuel, offering up to nine percent reduced fuel consumption compared to the Tier 2 design. An advanced powertrain increases engine life by 12 percent and delivers better shifting and acceleration. Offering the highest horsepower in its class, this mining truck features 10 percent more payload and is over five percent faster on grade than competitive trucks.

With its flexible design, the Cat 3516E engine powering the new 789 is fuel-optimized for lesser regulated countries or can be configured with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for meeting EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final standards.

Two power selections offer 1 417 kW (1,900 hp) to match performance of existing fleet trucks or 1 566 kW (2,100 hp) for faster cycle times.

Delivering long-life reliability, the new engine features design modifications to the camshaft and piston for optimal fuel efficiency, and structural improvements to the cylinder head and crankshaft deliver 12 percent more durability than the 3516C.

The engine’s 23 percent net torque rise delivers unequalled lugging force during acceleration, on steep grades and in rough underfoot conditions.

Offering smoother transitional shifting for a smoother ride, the 789’s Advanced Power Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) transmission delivers productivity and efficiency improvements that can reduce cycle times. Forward momentum and torque are maintained while shifting with optimum gear selection resulting in faster acceleration. It offers more continuous torque and rimpull to deliver more power to the ground, making it possible to use a higher gear on grade to optimize fuel efficiency.

A choice of multiple body style configurations allows mines to equip the 789 to meet specific site needs. The High-Performance Body maximizes payload by reducing the weight by 2.0 to 5.0 tonnes (2.2 to 5.5 tons) or more.

The Mine Specific Body excels in mature mines, while the Combination Body combines features of high volume and optional liners to haul both ore and overburden. The original standard, Dual Slope Body, provides excellent load retention, and the X Body features the latest structural designs and offers more volume at a lower weight.

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