Cable carrier systems for harsh conditions in the steel industry

BMG – suppliers of quality branded engineering components and local distributors of the Tsubaki range of chain, power transmission and motion control products, also supplies and supports Tsubaki Kabelschlepp cable carriers that have been developed to withstand operation in many industries, including highly corrosive environments.

“The Kabelschlepp solution is ideally suited for use in harsh and often hot steel mills, for coil transfer cars and steel handling,” states Carlo Beukes, BMG’s Power Transmission Division, Business Unit Manager. “Our durable Tsubaki Kabelschlepp steel cable carrier system that was installed at the straightening mill of one of the largest steel producers in Africa almost a decade ago, is still in operation and continues to deliver dependable performance. This project encompassed the removal of a worn, damaged cable carrier and the installation of a new 8,28m steel Tsubaki Kabelschlepp cable carrier system.

“Part of the success of this installation can be attributed to the advanced structure of the robust steel Kabelschlepp system, with a chain-link sandwich design, consisting of two plates welded together for high stability. The link design, with optimised geometry, allows contaminants found in harsh environments to fall through the system when the cable carrier is in motion. Dirt build-up, which normally causes blockages of the stroke system, is prevented to ensure continuous running operation.

“With conventional cable carrier systems, large amounts of foundry sand, corundum or mill scale, block the cable carrier’s stroke system, resulting in failure of the cable carriers and subsequent downtime.

“The Kabelschlepp range also enhances safety, prevents downtime and minimise repair costs. Emergency cable carriers – the ECC series detects a blockage in the travel lengths of cable carriers and automatically switches the system off to prevent damage to the entire cable system. In addition to the emergency stop function, this series also offers a bridging safeguard for the braking distance in both directions of travel. Once a blockage has been removed, the system is easily re-coupled and ready for operation immediately.

“This safety system is designed for applications with long travel lengths in steel works and ports, as well as for cranes, compost, coal or raw material conveyor systems.”

BMG’s Tsubaki Kabelschlepp range, which extends from standard individual components to complete system solutions, is enhanced by custom manufactured systems to meet exact requirements in diverse sectors. These systems are available in heavy-duty steel (S) and corrosion resistant stainless steel (SX) as well as in durable, lightweight plastic materials.

The design of the S/SX series allows for increased unsupported lengths and large additional loads without sagging, when perfectly sized to the application. The stroke system, with special bolts and locking rings, is designed for extended service life.

Also in the range of Kabelschlepp steel cable carriers is the Steel-Line series that includes lightweight cable carriers and robust units, offering reliable and extended service, particularly in environments where large amounts of fine, abrasive media are generated. Rust-free steel band covers are available to protect routed cables against influences like steel and aluminium swath and chips, wood and plastic chips and other industrial aggregates. Depending on the application, either screwed or riveted connections are used.

The plastic range of cable carriers consists of the Basic-Line series (Solid and “Press Inn” cable carriers with fixed chain widths), Vario-Line (variable chain widths), the Tube-Line series (covered cable carriers with flexible energy conduits) and 3D-Line (cable carriers for 3D movements).

Also available are Life-Line safety cables that include control, power and data cables, as well as coaxial, system and signal cables. Totaltrax complete systems consist of matched components – cable carriers, cables and connectors – with assembly plates, ready for connection.

BMG stocks Kabelschlepp chain carriers in modular form, so that any width can be locally and quickly accommodated. This range is supported by a technical advisory, installation and repair throughout Southern Africa.

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