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The Capital Equipment Group (CEG) – a division of Invicta Holdings Limited – supplies and supports an extensive range of quality branded construction equipment, forklift trucks and spare parts, through its specialist companies.

“Despite challenging economic conditions, global supply issues and escalating costs – which were exacerbated by the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing strike action – we are pleased that CEG has maintained its consistent record of strong performance in a highly competitive sector,” explains Tony Sinclair, CEO, Capital Equipment Group. “Through our local and overseas CEG companies – HPE Africa, DISA Equipment (trading as Doosan), ESP, Criterion Equipment, Shamrock Handling Concepts and the latest acquisition of KMP Brand in the UK, which is a specialist supplier of aftermarket engine spares worldwide – we continue our strategy to consolidate our position in construction and spare parts, by working closely with customers to ensure our equipment meets exact requirements.

“CEG companies introduce new machines, accessories and parts on a regular basis, to enable our customers keep abreast with the latest global construction trends, in terms of advanced technologies, fuel efficiency, precision operation and enhanced safety on site.

“We ensure our equipment complies with stringent international quality certification, giving the local market assurance of the finest machine designs and impeccable manufacturing standards for high productivity, environmental protection, minimal maintenance and extended service life. Field tests ensure every machine copes efficiently in the toughest operating conditions, to meet exact requirements.

“In today’s challenging conditions, it is important to assist our customers by offering flexible finance and service options. We have recognised a trend for companies to hold onto equipment for longer, rather than to invest regularly in new machines. For this reason, we have enhanced our repair and maintenance facilities around the country and we ensure a full range of spare parts is immediately available.”

Highlights over the last year include the launch of HPE Africa’s Hyundai HG190 motor graders, which are available in Southern Africa for the first time.

Hyundai wheeled motor graders – designed for high productivity, precision control and fuel-efficiency – offer users many benefits, including safety on site, easy mobility, fast and efficient performance and manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Hyundai’s new HX crawler excavators (HX300SL, HX220S and HX225SL series) which were launched locally last year, have been developed with a robust structure for high power, fuel efficient fast cycle speeds and precision control. Typical applications include construction; bulk earthworks; road works; materials handling and pipe laying, earth moving, demolition and dredging.

“The value of the new HX series lies in its durability and high productivity. We are impressed with the structural design of these machines, which enables safe and efficient operation in tough African conditions,” says Ross Collard, Managing Director, HPE Africa. “These robust machines, which have been subjected to rigorous onsite testing, prove the reinforced durability of the upper and lower frame structure and attachments ensure dependable external shock and heavy work-loads and enhance safety when operating on rough terrain and wet sites. The wear resistance of the bucket has been improved, owing to the use of tougher materials, resulting in extended operating hours on your buckets.”

New to DISA Equipment’s Doosan range in 2022, is the 22-ton DX225LCA-7M excavator series, which offers high performance on every job site, with advanced features for higher productivity and improved fuel efficiency.

“Doosan’s new DX225LC-7M electrically controlled engine (Common Rail) has proven to reduce fuel efficiency by up to 12%, with the new Smart Power Control (SPC) function that allows smart communication between the Engine Control Unit (ECU) torque and hydraulic pump torque signals,” says Darrel Holton, Managing Director, DISA Equipment. “This advanced feature allows the engine to recognise the exact hydraulic load by pump torque and operator control lever, to deliver the precise amount of fuel required to the injectors.

“The DL06 engine also has Smart Engine Speed Control, which is carried out by the ECU picking up the exact amount of hydraulic load by the hydraulic flow sensors and to communicate the required engine RPM for hydraulic breakout force. Engine RPM will thus increase with a heavy load and decrease with a lower load, to ensure a much smoother and fuel-efficient engine operation.”

This new machine also offers the DoosanCONNECT service, which provides relevant machine information including its location, operational conditions and utilisation, to ensure that customers are always connected and up to speed with their machines working on site.”

Doosan machines have proven to offer the most cost-efficient and dependable overall performance available – even in a tough construction and mining environments, that normally impede a machine’s productivity.

Criterion Equipment – the sole distributor locally of TCM forklift trucks – has recently launched the new TCM T5C 2,5 T and 3 T internal combustion forklift trucks in southern Africa.

TCM T5C forklift trucks are designed to meet demand for reliable machines that deliver high productivity, secure lifting and long service life. These forklifts are supplied with solid tyres as standard and have improved features for easy manoeuvrability, operator comfort, safety on site and low maintenance requirements.

“Watching this machine at work is impressive. The low centre of gravity provides balance and stability, while high torque delivers steady lift speeds, even when carrying heavy loads,” explains Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment.

“The fully hydraulic power steering system enables the operator to navigate freely and to turn easily in confined spaces and an integrated digital display monitor relays critical information clearly to the operator.

“This series has many features that improve safety during operation, including multi-directional visibility for clear front and rear fields of vision and a reinforced overhead safety guard that protects the operator and provides shelter when working outdoors, without obstructing visibility. The mast interlock system locks mast movement whenever the key switch is off and a safety start feature only allows the machine to be started when the control lever is in neutral.”

Shamrock Handling Concepts supplies a range of specialist forklift trucks that includes Agrimac all-terrain 4×4 forklifts. Typical applications are in agriculture and forestry, mining, industrial sites, building and construction, as well as outdoor warehousing and military applications.

“The main advantage of Agrimac off-road forklift trucks is one machine has the capability to move stock in all environments, without the need for the use of other vehicles. For example, one forklift truck is able to move stock from a yard or field, safely to a warehouse,” says Brenton Kemp, managing director, Shamrock Handling Concepts. “Our Agrimac range is able to drive on rough, unpaved surfaces, where conventional vehicles are unable to travel.”

These 4×4 forklifts are fitted with large heavy-duty pneumatic tyres, which add stability and traction when operating in wet conditions and on uneven terrain. Another advantage of 4×4 forklift trucks over conventional forklifts for outdoor operation, is they have a high axle centre, ensuring good ground clearance, without damaging the under-carriage. Because minimal electronics are used, the likelihood of electronic malfunctions is reduced, operation is easier and there are fewer replacement components.

Optional features – including various lift masts and attachment accessories – enable users to efficiently meet specific handling tasks in all industries.

New Moffett M8 truck-mounted forklifts have been designed with improvements for higher productivity, greater safety and comfort, as well as easier maintenance.

These versatile machines, with a lift capacity of up to 2.5-ton, can transfer heavy loads quickly and safely, even across challenging terrain. An impressive feature is the convenience of being able to easily transport these compact, lightweight machines on almost any truck or trailer. The 4-way steering enables the operator to easily negotiate tight access areas with long loads.

Moffett M8 machines provide reduced cost of ownership, faster and quieter operation, efficient fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions. The newly designed hood, split rear doors and relocated battery compartment, enable easy access for daily checks and reduced maintenance time. A single combined hydraulic assembly, with fewer components, ensures improved reliability. A standard feature is easier access to the GroundStart control button for improved safety.

The CEG team offers its extensive customer base a technical advisory, repair, maintenance and spare parts service, through a national network of branches and carefully selected distributors.

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