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Danfoss Drives appointed BMG as the first authorised Danfoss DrivePro® service partner in Africa in 2019 and has renewed this official certification each year.

Danfoss Drives partners with a network of global sales and service partners that meet stringent requirements, to be able to offer customised support and technical assistance, to users of Danfoss VLT® and VACON® frequency converters.

Danfoss DrivePro® services, which cover the entire lifecycle of Danfoss and VACON® AC drives, are designed to improve productivity and performance, minimising downtime and giving peace of mind to every user.

“BMG is currently the only Danfoss DrivePro® service partner in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and was one of the first 30 companies to achieve this level of recognition globally,” explains David Dyce, Business Unit Manager: Electronics, BMG. “As an official Danfoss service partner, BMG offers our customers specialised services that go beyond simple troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and replacements. With a thorough understanding of the characteristics, needs and requirements of every customer’s AC drives applications, we ensure enhanced reliability, efficiency and profitability at a plant, by minimising the operational costs of drive solutions in diverse industries.

“Through the DrivePro® programme, our customers have the assurance that we meet pristine standards demanded by Danfoss. BMG has made a significant investment in distribution, engineering facilities and technical skills in strategic parts of Africa, that include electronic workshops and a technical resources centre for the repair, maintenance and commissioning of Danfoss VLT® and Vacon® products and services.

“BMG’s dedicated Danfoss VLT® and Vacon® product specialists are backed by our technical resources team, which optimises predictive maintenance for application field services by addressing mobile breakdowns and onsite maintenance for Danfoss AC drives.

“Many companies require certification before any service can be conducted on-site and with our team’s extensive experience and specialised training, we are well-positioned to meet these requirements. BMG also offers specialised training to customers and shares expert knowledge about advanced Danfoss technology that enhances plant productivity.

Benefits of these support services include the DrivePro® Extended Warranty, which lengthens the standard warranty provided, by up to six years. This facility offers customers a predictable maintenance budget, by creating cost savings solutions and avoiding unforeseen repair costs.

The DrivePro® Retrofit service involves the professional management of the end of product lifecycle when replacing AC drives and ensures a smooth transition to the latest technology. This facility, which ensures optimal uptime and enhanced productivity during the replacement process, encompasses an audit of the current environment, meticulous planning for the upgrade and delivery of the required retrofit kit into the existing environment.

The DrivePro® Spares facility minimises downtime by ensuring users always have the correct spare parts available in case of a breakdown.

DrivePro® Exchange gives users the assurance that in the event of an AC drive needing urgent repair, a replacement drive will be ready on site, to minimise production delay.

DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance is a customised maintenance plan, designed to suit particular requirements and budgets, to ensure operational efficiency and extended service life of AC drives.

The DrivePro® Site Assessment is a tailored service solution that plans for maintenance, retrofits and future upgrades. A maintenance strategy is presented to the customer after a site-wide survey and risk assessment of AC drives at the plant.

DrivePro® Life Cycle Services are tailor-made products, designed to meet specific requirements through the different stages of an AC drive’s lifecycle. These solutions range from optimised spare part packages to condition-monitoring solutions.

BMG supplies and supports more than 70 000 customers in nine countries, offering the broadest range of industrial engineered products and services in Africa.

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